SEO Booster Changelog


= 3.3.28 =
* Fixed PHP warnings when using any of the widgets with no ignore list – Thank you Saso.
* Improved wording in marketing box to avoid confusion – Thank you Sergio.

= 3.3.27 =
* Fixed minor error notice displayed in admin after upgrading to 3.3.26 – Thank you Charles.
* Fixing upgrade from free to pro error. Both free and pro plugins cannot be activated at same time. This release tries to help make it a bit easier to upgrade by deactivating the free version automatically.

= 3.3.26 =
* Verified working with WP 4.9.6
* Upgrades 3rd party library Freemius in relation to GDPR and privacy policy.
* Fix PHP notice – Thank you Yomi.

= 3.3.25 =
* Fix conflict with Maxbuttons plugin – Loading the same 3rd party library twice caused a fatal error. Thank you Tiffany for reporting the bug.

= 3.3.24 =
* Fixed bug in “Append keywords” feature – Thank you losteineu.
* PRO – Improved Audit section – does not audits error pages.

= 3.3.23 =
* Improvements to the maintenance routines.
* Improved the settings page – added more Quick help links.
* Improved page detection logic – fixes bugs with backlinks and keywords not showing up.
* PRO – Fixes “reset audit” button that did not work.
* PRO – Fix audit page – You can now delete individual urls from table.
* PRO – Visual improvements to the list of urls to audit, 404 errors are highlighted

= 3.3.22 =
* Keywords page now sorts by default “Latest visit”.

= 3.3.21 =
* Fixes bug with backlink detection – new backlinks were not saved :-/
* Fixes bug in the audit system.
* Improved maintenance routines – This release will clean a lot of clutter.
* Improved ignore filters for tracking going forward.
* Cleaning up code – PHP notices and unused code.

= 3.3.20 =
* Updated translation files.
* Fixed minor debug notices in debug.log
* Fixes in SEO audit beta module (Pro only) –

= 3.3.19 =
* Fixes to recently introduced PageSpeed Insights module – Still in beta.
* Improved filtering of internal links non relevant to SEO Audit.
* Increased length of trial from 7 to 14 days.
* Missing styling on Audit page (pro only)

= 3.3.18 =
* Fix – Cleaning up invalid urls and filtering requests not related to SEO, eg. WordFence
* Minor fix – Help beacon should not be loading on admin dashboard.
* Minor fix – Removed debug information stored in debug.log. Introduced in previous version.
* NEW – Title tag compatibility with SEOPress.
* Added – More direct links to Quick Help in settings page.
* Added – 3 more keyword sources,,,
* Updated ignore list –
* More help and information added to knowledgebase

= 3.3.17 =
* Improved – Keyword module now shows latest keywords discovered first.
* Minor PHP notices fixed.
* Added two more keyword sources

= 3.3.16 =
* Fixed broken database update routines, restoring parts of functionality previously broken.
* Verified working with WP 4.9.5

= 3.3.15 =
* NEW – Inline help! Help beacon added on all plugin admin pages. Use it to search the knowledgebase or send a support request from every page in admin.
* Fix – Wordfence and 404 monitoring should be working better together now.
* Cleanup settings page and added direct links to support articles where available.

= 3.3.14 =
* NEW: Trial – try out the Pro version
* 3 more keyword sources added to the list.

= 3.3.13 =
* NEW: 404 Monitoring can now be turned off in settings. Thanks Steven 🙂
* NEW: Filtering options on keyword page is saved for when you come back. Thanks Peter 🙂
* Visual improvements to the email report template.
* PRO – Keyword cache is now set to 60 minutes, previously 10 minutes.
* Improved code – cleaning up unneeded code and commenting along the way

= 3.3.12 =
* Fix introduced in previous version. Doh.

= 3.3.11 =
* Improvement: “Hide internal searches” ticked by default on “Keywords” page – Thank you, Peter, for the suggestion.
* Improvement: Keywords page now loads much faster. The library used, Datatables has been updated to latest version and lots of internal code have been rewritten making the process much faster.

= 3.3.10 =
* FIX – Invalid argument supplied for foreach() bug that was reported is now fixed 🙂
* Fix – Old entries in database that cannot be converted are now deleted. Thank you Lennart 🙂

= 3.3.9 =
* More visual improvements on the log page – Better color usage making the text easier to read 🙂 Thank you steveraven.
* Added 1 more search engine,

= 2.3.8 =
* Fix: Set page title for AIO – All In One SEO plugin – Thanks tipperoo

= 2.3.7 =
* Fix: License and update class upgraded to latest version, should fix update problems.
* Fix: Minor interface error that resulted in wrong version number in the headline on admin pages.

= 2.3.6 =
* Fix: Traffic chart was missing from dashboard page.
* Fix: Internal links widget showed headline if no links found.
* Fix: Internal linking module no longer links to search result pages.
* Fix: The seobooster_kwlist() function that outputs incoming keywords – ignored words were … ignored.
* Fix: Do not send emails when on a local site.
* Added to ignorelist + tweaked list of domains to ignore.
* Added to search engine list.
* Updated translation files.

= 2.3.5 =
* FIX: Dashboard page – removed button to clear 404 errors, use the 404 module page for that.
* Swedish translation updated by Lennart Johansson ( – Thank you Lennart! 😀
* Typo fixed in settings page (Thank you again Lennart).
* Added Doubleclick to backlink ignore list.
* Made the keywords table module translatable. Thank you Lennart for the reminder 🙂

= 2.3.4 =

* FIX: Fatal error fixed – typo in search engines list.
* FIX: Javascript error on admin page if no search traffic in over 30 days.

= 2.3.3=
* NEW: Filter internal searches in keywords discovery table on/off
* NEW: Forgotten Pages much improved – Find pages orphaned by Google and other search engines.
* FIX: bad link in forgotten pages
* FIX: More translations
* FIX: PHP notices on 404 error list in admin
* 1 new search engine added.

= 2.3.2 =
* FIX: Fatal error spotted by tipperoo
* Interface improvements – Thank you Thor for your feedback and help 🙂
= 2.3.1 =
* FIX: Bug in the ignore filter if using apastrophes or accents – Thank you Marco
* FIX: Debug text in weekly email.

= 2.3 =
* NEW: JavaScript based tracking, reduces load time, works with cache plugins and improves speed of plugin overall.
* NEW: Usefulness of keywords table much improved, dynamic filtering of known and unknown keywords.
* NEW: Search Engine Traffic chart on dashboard page – See how many visitors search engines are bringing in.
* NEW: Multisite compability.
* FIX: Forgotten pages: Algorithm was broken, now fixed.
* FIX: Forgotten pages: Internal searches are ignored from list.
* FIX: If keyword is prepended to the <title> tag, it is now in uppercase. Thank you tipperoo 🙂
* FIX: Backlink filtering routine was not working properly.
* FIX: Incoming keywords widget, content and styling improved.
* FIX: Dynamic links widget had a couple of bugs. Ironed out.
* FIX: 404 Not found error detection was buggy.
* Beautified widget output, keywords now have first letter in uppercase
* Added more backlinks to be filtered out.
* Added more search engines to look for traffic from.
* SEO Booster 2 -> SEO Booster PRO naming in preparation to differentiate from upcoming free version. Yep, its finally in the works.
* Visual improvements all over the admin pages.
* Removed outdated code and unused functions. Reduced size of plugin.
* Added more detailed and debugging information in the log and in the plugin (optional settings).
* Translations were updated and hardcoded text made translatable.
* PHP 7 Compatibility check.
* Fixed license activation bug.

= 2.2.2 =
* Fixed several PHP notices.
* Support for WordPress 4.4 <title> implementation.
* Support for All in One SEO Pack <title> implementation. Thank you Thomas.
* Added a search engine to the list, bringing list up to a total of 262 monitored search engines.

= 2.2.1 =
* Minor speed improvement on “keywords” ajax page
* CSS tweaks in backend
* 5 more search engines added to list – now listening for keywords from 261 search engines.

= 2.2 =
* 20 search engines added
* Version bump

= 2.1.2 =
* FIX: Problem with settings. Checkbox status did not save properly.
* Updated Datatables to 1.10.10 – used on keywords page
* Improved: Settings page looks and works better.
* Code cleanup in general.

= 2.1.1 =
* 4 new search engines added to list. 240 Search Engines in list.
* NEW: Works with the brilliant Relevanssi plugin.
* FIX: Auto tag related posts works properly now.
* FIX: Widget caching improved now.
* FIX: Admin Dashboard widget looks a lot better.
* Dynamic tagging – searching for related posts and pages optimized, runs much faster.
* Cleaned up code and removed old code – fixed some PHP notices.
* Tested against latest pre-release version of WordPress 4.4

= 2.1 =
* NEW FEATURE: Now works with internal search results. SB2 now monitors internal searches.
* NEW: Added link to settings page on plugin overview. Makes easier to find for new users.
* NEW: Added limit option to the “Dynamic Links” widget.
* FIX: PHP notices and cleaned up code.
* FIX: Fixed bug in the code that prepends or appends the most popular keyword to <title>
* Updated plugin license check and update system. EDD_SL_Plugin_Updater 1.6.2
* Checked compability with WordPress 4.4 beta 4.
* Changed caching time for widgets to one minute, so it updates more regularly.
* Removed front end details viewing feature. Will perhaps be back.

= 2.0.17 =
* Database Update routines no longer run automatically – added button on settings page.
* Fix for faulty database update routines – dbdelta()
* Fix for settings not saving properly.

= 2.0.16 =
* Fix for saving settings correctly – Thank you Bambang! 🙂
* New search engines added
* French translation by Bernard Lopez 🙂
* Spanish translation by Bernard Lopez 🙂
* Updated plugin update code
* General code refactoring and cleaning.

= 2.0.15 =
* 19 more search engines added
* Daily management routines now handles processing of backlinks to keywords better.
* Fix for problem with anchor text in backlinks, thank you smhz101

= 2.0.14 =
* Fix: Reduced uknown referrer logging filling up logs
* New: Reset button on Dashboard page. Empty keywords, backlinks and 404 error databases – reset all data gathered and start over.
* Daily maintenance now also runs update routines for database tables.
* Fix: Backlink verification routines runs better now.

= 2.0.13 =
* 13 more search engines added.
* Updated link ignore list.
* Fix on 404 error page when cleaning all listed errors

= 2.0.12 =
* Fix in the settings page for detecting old SEO Booster v.1 keywords database table.
* Code fix in the 404 page.
* Cleanup in dahboard page.
* Lennart Johansson made another update to the Swedish language file, thank you again 🙂
* Removed database usage routines on dashboard page as it gave conflicts on some servers.
* Code changes to adhere to WP best practices.
* Fix in “Forgotten Pages” where queries could time out on large data sets.
* Added more debug data to see whats going on. (Turn on and off in settings).
* CSS styling changes to log table.
* Updated ignore link list.

= 2.0.11 =
* New: Swedish translation – Thank you Lennart Johansson! 🙂
* Updated Danish translations.

= 2.0.10 =
* Fix: Missing custom taxonomy in settings list.

= 2.0.9 =
* Fix: Remove output of position details, when keyword is unknown
* Fix: Output in widgets if widgets are empty. Props Jens Tonnier 🙂
* Fix: Reworked importing keywords table from v.1 format. Props Andreas Pohl 🙂

= 2.0.8 =
* Fix for related tagging, error in MySQL query statement. Props Umair.

= 2.0.7 =
* New Feature: Inject top keyword in <title>-tag.

= 2.0.6 =
* Admin bar only in frontend (if turned on)
* Bugfixes in update routine.
* Smaller memory footprint for loaded search engines.

= 2.0.5 =
* Bugfixes in SE detection.
* Bugfixes in license activation.
* Improved automatic detection of Search Engines in backlist table and importing.

= 2.0.4 =
* Fix in search engine detection introduced in 2.0.3

= 2.0.3 =
* WP 3.8 new style look. Bye bye Bootstrap styling.
* Replaced deprecated eregi(), fixing PHP 5.3+ error.
* Backlinks page: Different visual styles if the link has been verified or not.
* Backlinks page: Show verified links differently and first in list.
* Backlinks page: Delete individual backlinks if necessary.
* Improved loading time on plugin pages.
* Fix: Verify url routines fixed.
* 201 Search Engines supported! Passed the 200 mark. Poco a poco 😉

= =
Top 25 Search Engines added to Keywords page.
Introducing minimum and maximum length of the taxonomy terms (tags) created.
Added optional debug logging for helping pinpoting errors and different configurations. Turn on and off in settings. Warning: A lot of logging will happen and your log will look very confusing. Use only if you are trying to debug or very curious 🙂
Added Reset log button.
More translatable strings added
Speed improvement: Seperating the search engine list.
Speed improvement: Using hardcoded localization string instead of using a lookup variable.
Speed improvement: Removing unused functions.
Fix: Error in 404 detection. The code measured number of visits in a wrong way.
“Delete old keywords” now delete in batches of 10.000. There has to be a maximum otherwise emptying could stall on shared hosts for large databases.

= =

Fixed bug in dynamic widget on the admin side.
Added a quick button to reset all 404 errors on the 404 Errors Page.
= =
Dutch translation added. Thank you Arkan. 🙂
Russian translation added. Thank you Igor. 🙂
Fix: Logic in assigning custom post types and chosen taxonomy for dynamic tagging (if turned on).
New: Introduced ignore list for keywords.
New: Widgets also filters out keywords on the ignore list.
+19 more Search Engines.,, clickseguro,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

= =

New: Welcome Panel with instructions and links to first steps and other details. Includes a dismiss button so you only see it once. (Upgrading the plugin resets this). The code is from Igor at
New: Multilingual. SEO Booster now supports multiple languages. So far the only other language is Danish, more languages will follow. Contact me if you have a need and wish to help out with translating.
New: Reintroducing function seoboosterpro_boostlist() … The function seoboosterpro_boostlist will be deprecated soon, but it works for now. Use the function seobooster_kwlist() instead.
New: Now you can not only choose a taxonomy to use for keyword tagging, you can also let SEO Booster assign to all post types, so you can use the tags on all posts. Note: The code respects to only assign the taxonomy to public custom post types.
New: 11 search engines added –,,,,,,,,,,
New: Visual improvements to the Dashboard Widget. Takes up less space and looks better.
New: Database statistics. Gives you insight into how much info is stored by SEO Booster 2.
New: Dynamically created tags are now marked and monitored. Makes it possible in the future versions to refresh terms and also to remove old unused terms.
New: The verify backlink routine now only logs the first time a site is verified.
Fix: Obsolete entries in the daily keyword tracking table is now removed in the daily maintenance.
Fix: Verified backlinks RSS feed was not working properly.
Fix: Backlinks detection were no longer registering properly.
Fix: Referrer routines now runs in different stages during load, should result in faster processing of the plugin. Debugging tests shows speed improvements.
Fix: Tagging related posts had a bug in the way it cross-tagged posts.
Speed: Unused internal functions removed.
Speed: 404, referrer checking and keyword detection is now split up into separate modules, allowing for faster processing.
Security: Export keywords and export backlinks are now protected with unique key

= =

New: More search engines added.,,,,, Google Maps,,, … 80 Search Engines in total.
New: “Dynamic Links” got overhauled. Now has options to show links to pages with high traffic, or to pages with low SEO traffic. You can also control number of links to show, and whether to show number of visits next to each link.
New: “Keywords” page, Latest Visit column includes time ago.
New: Keywords with no traffic in over 30 days are filtered out
New: You can now choose to manually delete keywords that have not gotten any traffic for over 30 days. Access this under “Routines” along with the ‘Run Daily Maintenance Routines’ button.
New: Both the ‘Incoming Keywords’ widget and the ‘Dynamic Links’ widget is now cached for 5 minutes, reducing load on heavy trafficed websites.
New: Keyword Stats. Basic information about the keywords recorded.
New: Dynamic backlinks RSS feed. Add “?feed=sblinks” to your siteurl, ie.
‘’. This RSS feed contains a random list of -verified- backlinks, meaning a list of other sites that have been confirmed to have a link to your site.
New: RSS Feed containing the latest verified backlinks. Add /?feed=sblinks to the end of your site to access it.
Fix: “Incoming Keywords” widget now only displays if there are any incoming keywords for that page. Otherwise, the title would still show, but nothing else.
Fix: Minor bug in the dynamic tagging functions.
Fix: Ignore number-only searches as well as searches containing ‘site:’, ‘cache:’ and ‘related:’.

= =

Fix: Import old keywords failed.
Fix: Unoptimized database tables resulted in slow queries for large tables.
Fix: Updates to the search engines host detection.
Fix: Bug in function that verifies detected backlinks.
New: Turn on/off 404 detection. By user request.
New: 22 more search engines added, now totalling 59.
New: Re-introducing dynamic tagging with incoming keywords. You can choose which taxonomy to use and a limit to how many tags a post can have.

= =

New: Daily maintenance routines added.
New: 5 more search engines added.
New: 5 backlink filters added.
Fix: The new cron schedules.
New: Daily maintenance routines properly filters old backlinks out.
New: Run maintenance routines manually from the bottom of the dashboard page.
= =
New: Daily maintenance routines added.
New: See a list of the currently supported search engines on the “Keywords” page.
New: Latest SEO traffic – See the latest keywords, where they went and how many visits in total.
Improvement: Now waits at least a week before verifying backlinks again.
Improvement: Properly formatting numbers in admin.
Improvement: Domain ignore list updated
Improvement: Search engine list updated – Peeplo
= =
Rewrite of entire plugin.
New: Monitor entire site from Google, Bing, Yahoo and much more.
New: Monitor backlinks. Find out who, how and where other websites are linking to you.
New: 404 monitoring. Find any and all page not found errors on your site!

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