Getting an idea of who links to you and how can be difficult to find out. This information has a big influence on your SEO and no search engines give you a complete picture even if you verify you are the owner of a domain.

If you use a lot of different tools and premium services you can get a fairly complete idea of your backlinks. Read more about what backlinks are and why it is important for your SEO.

You can also let SEO Booster monitor your visitors and the links they come from. As long as just one single visitor clicks that link and comes to your website, it will be logged and stored for later analysis.

SEO Booster does not actively search for backlinks, it only monitors incoming visitors to find referrers.

Backlinks in SEO Booster 2
Backlinks in SEO Booster 2

SEO booster checks each backlink in the background to verify if the link exists and to get additional information.

Each link is checked if it is an image or text link, which anchor text is used, where it links to and if it is a nofollow link.

This data can all be exported and used for further analysis in a spreadsheet editor or in an SEO tool like SEO Spyglass which can gather even more valuable insights into your backlinks.


Top backlinks with screenshots

Learn more about backlinks and the problems they can create for you if they link the wrong places – read Problem pages and lost SEO traffic.