SEO Booster Free version

Not too long ago I silently released SEO Booster on – Yipee!

I did so without a big announcement because I wanted to catch and fix bugs without too many users affected.

Since the initial release, I have released several updates fixing bugs, improved code and adding a couple of nice features along the way.

The plugin is off to a slow start with few users so far, but already have one 5-star and one 4-star review. Please feel free to add more 5-star reviews 🙂

If you have been waiting to try out SEO Booster, you can now do so for free!

If you already have a license and have not migrated to the new license system check out the How to upgrade from version 2 to version 3 in the knowledge base How to upgrade ​

Installation – Cleverplugins KB tells you how to install and further down on the page also helps you if you are upgrading from version 2 to version 3.

Features in the free version

SEO Booster has evolved over the years and has several cool features you will not find in other WordPress plugins.

Track keywords visitors use

Google has long ago stopped sending keyword information, and they are usually the biggest source of search engine traffic for a website.

There are hundreds of other search engines that do not send the same amount of traffic to you, but regularly send more information which keywords visitors use to find your website.

Each time a visitor comes to your site from a search engine, the plugin logs the visit and tries to find which keyword they used to find your website.

This information can over time – depending on how many visitors your website gets – give you a bigger insight into how your content is perceived by the search engines.

Internal searches on your site are also monitored and work well to get a deeper insight into what keywords are used for each page.

Automatic tagging of content

Optional feature – Keywords are converted to tags and post and pages are automatically tagged and cross-linked with each other, grouping content together.

Be careful; you can soon end up with a lot of tags if you have a lot of visitors. Use the built in limitations in the plugin to limit the number of tags created along with minimum and maximum length of the keywords before a tag is created.

Backlinks – who is linking to you?

All backlinks that are found from visitors are kept for you. An easy way to discover who links to you.

PRO feature – All backlinks are regularly checked and verified and you get more details about the link itself, such as anchor text, etc.

404 Errors

Optional feature – Keep an eye out for pages and files on your website that does not exist.

Automatic links widget

Widget displays link to other pages on the website using keywords from search engines.

Use it to either show a list of least visited pages or most visited pages on your site.

Incoming Keywords widget

A simple widget that displays the keywords used to find the page you are on.

The Pro features

The free version is already pretty cool, but let me tell you what else you get from the Pro version:

Many more search engines

Free version tracks 100 search engines, including Google, Bing, Yahoo and so on.

The Pro version monitors over 400 search engines, adding 300 more sources for keyword data.


Crawler visits by search engines

Pro version comes with crawler tracking – The plugin tracks how often a page is visited by search engine crawlers.


Keyword injection in to <title> tag

Keyword injection is a feature only in the Pro version.

This takes the most popular keyword for the current page (if there is one) and injects it either in beginning or end (you choose) of the <title> of the page.

Backlink verification

Many websites suffer from fake referrer spam, meaning some old school and spammy SEO tactics involves pretending to link back to you, where in reality the website does not link back to you.

The free version only collects data about visits from other websites, but the Pro version verifies the link exists and gather information if it is an image or a text link. If it is a text link, the anchor text is collected and the nofollow attribute is also detected.


Export of keywords and backlinks is a feature only in the Pro version. The .csv export is perfect if you want to take the keywords data and backlinks pointing to you out and dive deeper into the data in your favorite spreadsheet.

The free version comes with keyword tracking of a 100 search engines, backlink monitoring, automatic tagging and cross tagging, 404 error control and much more.

Try out the free version here: SEO Booster — WordPress Plugins

New licensing system for old customers

The introduction of the free version also comes with a new licensing and update system powered by

This allows me to have a single codebase for both the free and pro version of the plugin and makes it easier to handle updates, upgrades, renewals, support and much more.

The license migration from the old system to the new is supposed to be as pain-free as possible, but if you have any problems, please write with your old license key, and I will help you out.

Any old licenses bought before the new licensing model will be given unlimited lifetime licenses in honor of the initial price model that was a lifetime.

Unfortunately, that pricing model is no longer enough to sustain the work I put into the plugin, but old customers will not be affected 🙂

If you have any problems with the plugin or transferring your license, please write me at or via the support form on

Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash