I am delighted to announce the v. 3-series of SEO Booster. I have nicknamed the release “Phoenix” 🙂

I dubbed it Phoenix mostly because I feel this is a resurrection of a plugin that has been a large part of my life for nine years, it was after all the first plugin that I developed for WordPress. Also, WordPress and other developers release versions with nicknames, and I wanted to be cool too 🙂

This version introduces new features and hundreds of small fixes and tweaks. Huge parts of the plugin are rewritten to follow best WordPress practices, and the interface is much smoother to work with.

The Major Features

Keyword data – how do people find you?

Google might give you “Not Provided” for most of the traffic they bring you, but hundreds of other search engines tell you what people are searching for.

This helps you build a much bigger list of keyword terms that visitors use to find your content.

The free version monitors 100 search engines (Google included), and the Pro version tracks 400+.

Backlinks – who links to you?

Get a list of who links to you, all backlinks and how many visits from each.

The Pro version also verifies the link exists by visiting the page and also noting if it’s an image link, which anchor text is used if any, and if it is a nofollow link.

Only PRO users have built-in backlink verification; the free version does not verify the links or get information.

Forgotten pages

Google changes their algorithm regularly, and your competitors are not sitting idly by. By monitoring visitors from search engines, SEO Booster can tell you which pages on your website is no longer getting any traffic.

These pages used to get traffic from search engines, but are now no longer visited.

Get to know which pages you need to update and improve to regain your traffic.

404 Errors

Missing or wrongly linked content on your site is monitored, and you can use the information to set up redirects or leave alone. Read this article if you are not sure what 404 errors are or why it is important to get fixed as soon as possible.

Dynamic Linking

Optional feature – Use the keywords to automatically tag your content. Create new tags from the keyword terms people use to find your content and also tag related posts with the same keyword to group your related content together.

Crosslinking with widgets and template code

SEO Booster comes with two widgets, one for displaying a list of the keywords used to find the page people are on.

The other displays link to x other page using the most popular keywords for those pages. The list shown can be for either urls with the fewest search engine visitors or to the most popular pages.

There is a keyword filtering system included, so you don’t use keywords that you don’t want.

Crawled pages – PRO only

A new premium feature is the crawled pages module. This module track visits by search engine robots and crawlers, helping you identify which pages are crawled, and which are not regularly visited.

How to upgrade?

A new licensing system has been introduced, the old implementation caused a lot of problems, and the new system introduces a much easier way to upgrade from the free version.

When you upgrade to version 3, you will automatically be switched to the new license system.

The new system is powered by Freemius and this system helps me with the distribution of both a free and premium version, direct integration with the support system (Helpscout) and a lot more. In short, easier for me to do support and easier for you to use.

Pricing was also changed and now allows monthly, yearly and lifetime subscriptions.

If you are an old customer, don’t worry – your license automatically migrates to a license in the new system.

Migrating to the new system might not go as smoothly as I hope, so if there are any problems, please contact me via the support tab, and I will help transition you to a new license.

Support tab

That brings me to another benefit of the new system, powered by Freemius. This allows you to read the FAQ and ask support questions directly in your WordPress admin. You can use the “Contact Us” page directly in the plugin.

What is planned?

More features obviously, but I want to get feedback about which features you most want me to implement.

First and foremost, my immediate plan is to get rid of any bugs that I know always show up following any major release.

I will also work on expanding the support site with more info and useful tips to get the most out of SEO Booster.


tag automatically – using the most used keyword term.

  • NEW: PRO – Crawl Module – Which pages have been crawled and when?
  • NEW: PRO – Inject keyword in the
  • NEW: Change of Licensing system, more stable and flexible than v.2-series + FREE version released.
  • NEW: FREE monitors 100 Search Engines, PRO monitors 400+
  • Keyword filtering – use either linebreak or comma to separate keywords. Use both if you want.
  • Backlinks page is rewritten – Now with search and delete functionality.
  • Forgotten pages module was rewritten.
  • 404 Errors page revised.
  • Speed improvements – internal functions running faster now due to rewrites.
  • Reworked stats on the dashboard page, showing how much extra keywords info you are getting.
  • Search Engine list updated + 100 new search engines added – over 400 search engines supported in PRO version.
  • Fixed internal PHP errors and notifications.
  • Maintenance routines improved.
  • Removed old v.1 – database migration routines.
  • Deactivation routines implemented.
  • Nicer email template.
  • Cache busting introduced for tracking script.

Support built in to the plugin