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I’m very happy to announce SEO Booster 2 and have seen significant updates.

The last post I made about SEO Booster 2 was around version 2.0.14 and quite a few things have happened since, check out the changelog for all that has been going on.

A few highlights would be that the plugin now monitors incoming search queries and keywords for over 250 search engines. Google might not help us out these days with very little keyword / search term information, but that does not mean we cannot utilize information from the hundreds of search engines out there.

A cool new feature is that internal searches are now also monitored, and also works with dynamic tagging and cross tagging.

Dynamic tagging now works and a few very annoying bugs have now been fixed (I hope, let me know in the support forums if that is not the case).



Dynamic Tagging

Dynamic tagging is a feature that let you use the keywords from external search engines and internal searches to create tags for your posts.

This means that if someone searches for “blue widget” on a search engine and arrives on your homepage, that page is automatically tagged with “blue widget”. Not only that, but you can use the cross-tagging feature to tag any other post/page containing “blue widget” with the same tag. Pretty cool, no?


Dynamic Tagging

Dynamic tagging settings

Other cool new things is the reworked admin interface. It had become a little convoluted, and some of the changes hopefully makes it easier to navigate and use.

The admin dashboard widget looks and feels a lot better.

Lots of bugfixes, hundreds of lines of code reworked/removed.

I hope you enjoy the new version 🙂

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