SEO Booster 3 for WordPress

Information that other SEO plugins do not have

Get more keyword insights from your visitors.

Monitor traffic from 600+ sources and take it a step further with automatic internal linking.

Developed, tweaked and improved since 2008.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars based on 146 customer reviews.

SEO Booster is a powerful tool for anyone serious about SEO.

  • Save hours of painstaking SEO analysis – this is where your traffic comes from
  • Discover the keywords that bring you visitors
  • Automatic links - Convert keywords in your content to internal or external links
  • Discover and verify backlinks to your website.
  • Monitor 404 errors.
  • Convert words to internal links on your site
  • Tag content using incoming keyword traffic
  • Backlink monitoring - Who links to you and where
  • Discover keywords from 490+ sources
  • 404 Error monitoring - Find errors on your site
  • Keyword injection in to title tag
  • Widget - Dynamic links - Display links to other pages with keywords
  • Widget - Incoming keywords - Keywords used to find the page you are on


1 year of updates and support. Your subscription will auto-renew each year until cancelled.

One-time payment gives you updates and support forever, no subscription.

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Discover new keywords that bring you traffic

Google and other search engines have stopped sharing information about what people search for, but there are hundreds of other search engines who still does.

SEO Booster is trained to listen to traffic from 500+ different search engines.


The keywords page shows you the keywords the plugin has discovered for you.

Allowing you to search and filter results fast in an AJAX-powered table.

* In the pro version, you can also export the keywords data to.csv

Does it work with ...

Yes - SEO Booster works great with your existing SEO plugin. SEO Booster is not a replacement. It's a new tool!

There is nothing that Yoast SEO plugin does, that SEO Booster does. They work well together though.

Both plugins handle SEO related matters for WordPress websites and I use the free Yoast SEO plugin almost everywhere. I have several Premium licenses for myself and clients as well.

In fact, I recommend you install and use Yoast SEO and use the Focus keyword feature in particular.

Not only do you get to use the many features in Yoast SEO but keywords can automatically link to your pages.

Focus Keyword - Yoast SEO plugin example with "butterfly cookies"

This way, if you optimized one of your pages for "butterfly cookies" - Turning on the right option makes every occurrence of the word "butterfly cookies" turn into a link to => - all by itself. Neat, right? 🙂

Top Search Engines


View which search engines bring you the most traffic and how many keywords data each of them give you.

Google is split in to different top level domains for more finegrained details.,,,,, etc.

Backlinks - Who links to you?

The backlinks page shows you who links to you

* Pro version also validates the link is real (every week) and gives you details about the link itself by visiting the page linking to you.

In the pro version, you can export the backlinks data to .csv

Backlinks page in SEO Booster

Settings - Easy feature control

Settings page in SEO Booster

Simple and easy to use settings page.

The plugin comes with several Quick help links, opening specific knowledge base articles.

Google and other search engines have stopped sharing information about what people search for, but there are hundreds of other search engines who still does.

SEO Booster is trained to listen to 490+ different search engine sources and get which keyword was used to find your site.

All visits - also from backlinks are monitored - so you can discover new links to you quickly.

Powerful features include keyword internal linking, 404 error monitoring, crawler visits and much more.

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