SEO (search engine optimization) content writing, according to WriteZillas is interesting when the outcome is positive.

What about those who have invested heavily but their website is still at the same level? Well, search engine optimization takes time. So, do not expect your blog to be on the first page of search engines overnight.

But if you do everything right and remain consistent, you can start seeing the results in a few months. However, this post highlights some of the critical mistakes SEO content writers make, which you must avoid.

  1. Producing plagiarised content

Well, duplicate content is not a new term. Most content writers know the meaning and negative impact it can have on search engine optimization campaign. But many choose to ignore it and yet want their pages to rank higher than that of their competitors who have invested quality time and resources to create unique contents.

So, one big mistake to avoid in SEO content writing is posting duplicate articles on your blog or website.

Plagiarised contents can harm your page ranking, and are difficult for search engines to index because they appear in other domains. So, if you want your blog or website to grow in terms of page ranking, focus on producing unique contents.


  1. Thinking keywords are obsolete

Keywords are search terms internet users use daily. They help users to locate relevant information, products or services online. So, keywords are not outdated in SEO. They are still relevant and would continue to be in years to come.

One mistake most marketers make is that they don’t conduct in-depth keyword research and also target the right keywords. And that’s a big mistake that can have a negative impact on page ranking.

However, you need to start targeting long tail keywords instead of the short tail keywords with high volume and competition. Have in mind that internet users search for things differently online, and many of them make use of the long tail keywords, which may have low monthly search volume but high conversion.

Short-tail keywords:

  • Engineering jobs
  • Student loans
  • Freelance writing


Long tail keywords:

  • Engineering jobs in Dubai
  • How to get student loans Canada
  • Freelance writing tips for beginners


  1. Not writing naturally

Humans, not robots read your articles. That is why it is essential to write naturally and insert keywords strategically. However, many SEO content writers still make the mistake of stuffing their contents with too many keywords and expect them to rank high.

But have in mind that keyword stuffing is an outdated SEO practice that is also similar to a criminal offense in the eyes of Google. It can also cause your blog or website to rank lower or get penalized by Google.

You should also learn to use keywords naturally, instead of sprinkling them all over your content. Even when you attach your keywords, write in a way that visitors won’t have challenges reading your content.


These are some of the main mistakes to avoid in SEO content writing that can make it difficult for your web pages to rank high. But they are simple errors you can avoid or correct with ease to improve the performance and ranking of your blog.

You shouldn’t also relent in your effort even though you don’t see immediate results. If you can remain consistent and avoid the mistakes mentioned in this post, you may start reaping the benefits of your SEO effort in no time.

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