SEO: The Importance of Keyword Rich Domain Names

Now, it is hardly a secret that keyword rich domain names are an important part of ranking well for a particular keyword/phrase.

However, it has recently become apparent to me just HOW important that factor seems to be.

During a routine check of my Google Analytics account, I checked the ranking for (where I sell my commercial plugins), and saw the keyword “seo booster pro“. Since thats the name for one of my plugins I sell there, it seemed logical I was ranking for that keyword, particularly as #1..

Which I didnt.

Google Search Results
Google Search Results

To my surprise, was the domain ranking 1st. This comes as a big surprise to me, as I know the owner of the domain, and I know that the domain has absolutely no content except it being an empty WordPress installation (at the moment), and yet he still ranks #1..

I am well aware of the fact that this keyword phrase is not really a very competitive niche, hence not a lot of other competition. I do believe however that this could actually be a very good example of how important the domain name and keyword richness of that domain is. - today – today
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9 thoughts on “SEO: The Importance of Keyword Rich Domain Names”

  1. cough – yes, I do need to do something with that domain. It is on my TO DO list for tomorrow. 🙂

    All kidding aside though, that is an interesting discovery – the ONLY thing that whole “site” has is the keyword rich domain name; there is essentially no text anywhere else.

    This leads me to wonder how much the TLD (.com) helps or how a much cheaper .info domain would do with the same keyword rich domain name.


      I am just amazed at -apparently- HOW big an influence it has.

      Though, it is obvious that the other SEO factors (known and otherwise) play a major part, otherwise SEO should not be difficult, if you JUST own the best domain name.

  2. david @ Go Go Hamster

    Absolutely agree.

    I took on to promote one of Jonathan Leger’s products as an affiliate and as a simple two page website it has dominated the UK rankings and been in top 5 for the Global search in various forms of the keywords :

    “Web Comp Analayst”, “WebComp Analyst” and “WebcompAnalyst”. Now whilst there is some on-site optimisation, other pages have much more off-site optimatisation and inbound links.

    Firstly and foremost, I think the domain name is most important … we don’t all have deep pockets like Google to create a brand.

    I also blogged about the domain name effect on SEO earlier in the year.

  3. Jerry Cash

    Offsite seo is really all about backlinks! He who has the most backlinks wins-everything else being equal.

  4. amit (seo fan)

    i absolutely agree. i found a website: which has page rank #0 and no backlinks ranks #3 after for the keyword “cool funny jokes”

  5. i particularly liked the comment of mr amit wherein which he gave example of cool funny jokes. it was a fantastic example. backlinks to .net site are just 5, as compared to more than 200 to .com website, still .net is able to come on third position.

  6. Jayaraj Chanku

    Excellent article. I totally agree with this. Using the keywords in domain names is definitely an important factor. Thanks a lot for sharing this.

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