SEO: The Importance of Keyword Rich Domain Names

Now, it is hardly a secret that keyword rich domain names are an important part of ranking well for a particular keyword/phrase.

However, it has recently become apparent to me just HOW important that factor seems to be.

During a routine check of my Google Analytics account, I checked the ranking for (where I sell my commercial plugins), and saw the keyword “seo booster pro“. Since thats the name for one of my plugins I sell there, it seemed logical I was ranking for that keyword, particularly as #1..

Which I didnt.

Google Search Results

Google Search Results

To my surprise, was the domain ranking 1st. This comes as a big surprise to me, as I know the owner of the domain, and I know that the domain has absolutely no content except it being an empty WordPress installation (at the moment), and yet he still ranks #1..

I am well aware of the fact that this keyword phrase is not really a very competitive niche, hence not a lot of other competition. I do believe however that this could actually be a very good example of how important the domain name and keyword richness of that domain is. - today – today


  1. Lindskog on 16/09/2009 at 15:11

    cough – yes, I do need to do something with that domain. It is on my TO DO list for tomorrow. 🙂

    All kidding aside though, that is an interesting discovery – the ONLY thing that whole “site” has is the keyword rich domain name; there is essentially no text anywhere else.

    This leads me to wonder how much the TLD (.com) helps or how a much cheaper .info domain would do with the same keyword rich domain name.

    • on 17/09/2009 at 11:39

      Worth a try perhaps?

  2. Admiyn on 17/09/2009 at 09:50

    Yeah, the domain name is very important to improve the SEO of your website.

    • on 17/09/2009 at 11:45

      I am just amazed at -apparently- HOW big an influence it has.

      Though, it is obvious that the other SEO factors (known and otherwise) play a major part, otherwise SEO should not be difficult, if you JUST own the best domain name.

  3. david @ Go Go Hamster on 19/09/2009 at 02:45

    Absolutely agree.

    I took on to promote one of Jonathan Leger’s products as an affiliate and as a simple two page website it has dominated the UK rankings and been in top 5 for the Global search in various forms of the keywords :

    “Web Comp Analayst”, “WebComp Analyst” and “WebcompAnalyst”. Now whilst there is some on-site optimisation, other pages have much more off-site optimatisation and inbound links.

    Firstly and foremost, I think the domain name is most important … we don’t all have deep pockets like Google to create a brand.

    I also blogged about the domain name effect on SEO earlier in the year.

  4. Jerry Cash on 26/10/2009 at 17:05

    Offsite seo is really all about backlinks! He who has the most backlinks wins-everything else being equal.

  5. amit (seo fan) on 30/12/2009 at 10:56

    i absolutely agree. i found a website: which has page rank #0 and no backlinks ranks #3 after for the keyword “cool funny jokes”

  6. Goyal on 07/02/2010 at 23:46

    i particularly liked the comment of mr amit wherein which he gave example of cool funny jokes. it was a fantastic example. backlinks to .net site are just 5, as compared to more than 200 to .com website, still .net is able to come on third position.

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