Now, it is hardly a secret that keyword rich domain names are an important part of ranking well for a particular keyword/phrase.

However, it has recently become apparent to me just HOW important that factor seems to be.

During a routine check of my Google Analytics account, I checked the ranking for (where I sell my commercial plugins), and saw the keyword “seo booster pro“. Since thats the name for one of my plugins I sell there, it seemed logical I was ranking for that keyword, particularly as #1..

Which I didnt.

Google Search Results
Google Search Results

To my surprise, was the domain ranking 1st. This comes as a big surprise to me, as I know the owner of the domain, and I know that the domain has absolutely no content except it being an empty WordPress installation (at the moment), and yet he still ranks #1..

I am well aware of the fact that this keyword phrase is not really a very competitive niche, hence not a lot of other competition. I do believe however that this could actually be a very good example of how important the domain name and keyword richness of that domain is. - today – today