It is crucial to make sure your homepage is as well-represented on Google as possible.

Most people tend to think that if you get a high placement on Google for your chosen keyword(s) that it is enough. It is also very important to ensure what the searchers see on Google is relevant.

Not only is the title-text very important, but the text beneath your link is extremely important as well. This document is quickly scanned by the people that search on Google, and if your title did not convince them to come to your homepage, the description text would be the final chance.

In the following screenshot, you can see how Google first indexed the front page of this website.

Not so perfect listing on Google
Not so perfect listing on Google

As you can see, the text is hardly convincing for people to click on, and to fix that, there are several plugins available to help. For this website, I use Yoast SEO for most sites I work on.

There are several problems with above screenshot:

First of all, “myWordPress” is in the front of the title. This is not very relevant, since I am looking to get traffic from the search engines, and the name of the homepage should be in the back of the title.

Furthermore, “Tip:” and “Posted by admin on 03 21st, 2009” and the “No comments,” is not at all relevant.

Google decides by themselves if they want to use the meta description you supply, or if they take part of the homepage instead. So, if you install one of above plugins, check back on Google after a while.

As you can see in the following screenshot, Google updated the listing after a few days, and it is now a lot more relevant and appealing to the people searching on Google.

Much better listing after installing the plugin
Much better listing after installing the plugin

It can take a while before Google updates the description of your homepage, so do not worry if it does not happen immediately.

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