Top 3 – Best WordPress Social Media Plugin to drive traffic

Are you getting the most traffic you can to your site? We’re diving into the best Wordpress social media plugin guaranteed to boost shares and growth here.

It’s no secret that WordPress is the best platform for your online business. However, what good will an awesome WordPress do for you if there is nothing to drive traffic to it?

That’s where social media plugins come in.

If you’ve been wondering what the best WordPress social media plugin is, check out our list below of the top 3 (how could we pick just one?).

The Best WordPress Social Media Plugin to Drive Traffic (All 3 of Them!)

#3: Easy Social Share Buttons

This plugin is a well-rounded solution for integrating social media in WordPress.

Easy Social Share Buttons offers almost every possible feature you can think to add to a social sharing plugin! Plus, the buttons look elegant and have plenty of customization options, not to mention analytics.

One of the best parts of this plugin is that you can add the social sharing buttons to your posts without compromising speed, as the plugin won’t slow your website down.

Additional Features

  • Add buttons to share your posts for the following: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Email
  • Two optional styles: minimal icon buttons, or share buttons with added share count
  • Share count option
  • Followers counter
  • Social share analytics & social metrics
  • Add share buttons directly on your posts’ media
  • Complete customizability with easily style-able HTML and class names

#2: Social Warfare

With many powerful features, such as in-post sharing options, this best WordPress social media plugin nearly took first place. Social Warfare is one of the ultimate plugins for boosting social shares and driving traffic.

This plugin allows you to upload Pinterest images, share custom tweets and make it work with the well-known short-URL generator Bitly. Additionally, the look of the buttons is impressive and customizable.

Social Warfare also provides you with a thorough analysis of the social data and protects against other users putting their content on yours while sharing.


  • “Pin it” button for images
  • Support for HackerNews and Flipboard buttons
  • Pinterest mentions
  • Support for popular social networks
  • Numerous themes
  • Display total and individual share counts and floating share buttons
  • Add custom tweet text for individual posts
  • Display popular posts widget organized by share counts
  • Track social shares with UTM tracking code
  • Fully mobile responsive.


You can get this #2 best WordPress social media plugin for $29 for one site and a year of support. You get a discount with more sites so ten sites will only cost you $250, bringing the cost down to $25 per site. Well worth it if you are serious about your website or online business.

#1: Monarch

The number one best WordPress social media plugin is the social sharing plugin, Monarch.

Of course, Monarch, as number one, comes with some impressive features.

The plugin allows users to display share counts after they reach a certain number. This feature is a great technique for avoiding negative social proof.

Additionally, you can also display social icons in your sidebar or other widget areas. You can also monitor social shares in an interface with an impressive interface if we do say so ourselves!

Several interesting placement options included in the plugin are designed to help you encourage social shares. These include triggered popups and fly-ins.

Well optimized and built with speed in mind, Monarch also has all the not only necessary but imperative features that you’ll need to encourage social shares.

Additional Features

  • Support for popular social networks
  • Multiple display options (such as above/below posts and floating share buttons)
  • Choose when share counts are displayed
  • Display social media icons in widgets or with shortcode
  • Built-in statistics to track social shares, likes, and follows


Monarch prices in at $89 per year. Not bad for the number one best WordPress social media plugin! Don’t forget that includes the wonderful WordPress theme, Divi.

What WordPress plugins have you been using to drive traffic to your WordPress? Or did you go the manual way and developed your 3rd party integration? Give us your plugins and tips in the comments!

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