WordPress Optimization Tips – header.php

A regular task in my work is to improve the speed of a website. There are many places to tweak, but a place I always go to look for some easy improvements is the header.php file. First thing to do is to make sure the theme is a child theme to ensure your changes are...

301 redirects for 404 spam pages – WordPress Style

This is a repost from my old website which is no longer in use. If your WordPress website has ever been hacked, you know there is a lot of cleaning up to do after cleaning up the database, files and of course spiced up your security, right? In many cases the hackers...

SEO Booster 2.2 released

I’m very happy to announce SEO Booster 2 and have seen significant updates. The last post I made about SEO Booster 2 was around version 2.0.14 and quite a few things have happened since, check out the changelog for all that has been going on. A...

Two more updates for SEO Booster 2

I have been tweaking SEO Booster 2 a lot recently, making small adjustments in the code, fixing small bugs and adding new search engines. The changes were coming in so fast that 2.0.13 was released and then 2.0.14 before I even wrote a release post! This post covers...

SEO Booster – Inject keyword in title

Inject popular keywords in the <title>-tag! An old feature from the version 1-series that was not implemented in version 2 was recently requested on the forum. The feature is “Inject keyword in title tag” and added the most popular keyword to the...

SB2 2.0.4 – WordPress 3.8 Ready and more

I have just released the latest version of SEO Booster 2. The new version has been prepared and tested for the upcoming WordPress 3.8. The next major release of WordPress will feature a revamped admin interface and it was necessary to make some changes to match the...

v 2.0 pre-release

Version 1.9.9 of SEO Booster has just been released and it contains a lot of new cool stuff and a ton of bugfixes. Read on for the details on this release.

SEO Booster – Faster and better v.

The new beta version of SEO Booster 2, called, has several improvements. The feature set is almost complete for the version 2.0 release, and I’m running out of version 1.9.9.x numbers anyway Special thanks to Nulled for his help in testing and feedback...

SEO Booster

SEO Booster is closing in on the version 2.0 SEO Booster was originally created back in 2008, and recoding the plugin takes a lot of time, also to introduce many of the cool new features that is planned. This version fixes bugs, and introduces new features as well as...

SEO Booster

New version of SEO Booster released. Version contains a couple of fixes, new features and more search engines.

SEO Booster

New version of SEO Booster – Introduces a couple of fixes and new features such as latest SEO traffic and a list of currently supported Search Engines.

Topic Storm 1.4.1

Topic Storm – the WordPress autoblogging plugin with a Twitter twist – just got a minor new update to 1.4.1

WP Caretaker 1.03

I have just released a new version of WP Caretaker, version 1.03 This fixes a bug that on some server configurations resulted in a Fatal Error when you tried to activate the plugin. This version also introduces a couple of other fixes under the hood, and it has been...

WP Caretaker version 0.6

WP Caretaker has matured a little with a .1 incremental step on the evolutionary ladder, and is now at version 0.6! WP Caretaker is a WordPress plugin that helps keep your WordPress site fit and in shape. Changelog for WP Caretaker v. 0.6 The log: The log table in the...

Topic Storm v. 1.2.2

Topic Storm have been updated to version 1.2.2 (minor upgrade). This version fixes a recent problem with reading and processing content. updated

I recently updated to a new layout. The old website was running an outdated and heavily customized copy of the Thesis WordPress theme.

Delete Duplicate Posts Updated to v2.2

Delete Duplicate Posts is a WordPress plugin that can delete duplicate posts on your WordPress installation either manually or automatically! It happens from time to time your WordPress site gets a lot of duplicate posts, and there is no easy way to delete them all....

Topic Storm v1.2 Upgrade

Note: The plugin Topic Storm has been retired. There are no plans at the moment to revive it. Topic Storm 1.2 Topic Storm, “The WordPress autoblogging plugin with a Twitter Twist” has just been upgraded to version 1.2 The new version introduces W3 Total...

Topic Storm is back + CleverSEM updates

Topic Storm, the Twitter to WordPress autoblogging WordPress Plugin is available again. Post automatically about the most popular topics on Twitter right now!

How I automate SEO reporting

Automating the SEO data gathering and customer reporting saves me hours of work every day. Learn how to automate part of your SEO work.

SEO Booster PRO 1.9.3

SEO Booster PRO 1.9.3 have just been released with bugfixes.

This update is recommended for all SEO Booster PRO customers.

Benefits, testimonials and old customers!

There has been a lot of changes and additions the past week on, and I would like to share some of the highlights with you: New member benefits! I am currently negotiating a couple of new deals to give members great deals or...

Boosting the lips of Venus

“My search engine traffic has increased by at least 500% since installing this plugin.” – Venus O’Hara talks about her experiences using SEO Booster PRO, the dynamic WordPress SEO Plugin.

Download Premium Purchases!

The latest version of all premium WordPress plugins from can now be downloaded from the members-page.

FREE Social Bookmark List

I have just published a massive list of 5.187 Social Bookmark sites as a FREE bonus to all members. Relaunch

I am happy to announce the relaunch of, with a brand new look and with lots of improvements, let me walk you through some of them…

Yes, the new website is on its way

The new website is on its way. I’m putting a lot of effort and energy into creating a new and improved website for both old customers and new visitors.

Tony Lindskog RIP

Dear customers and friends of

It is my sad duty to inform you that my friend and business-partner Tony Lindskog passed away shortly before New Years 2010.

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