SEO Booster Free Version Released!

SEO Booster Free version Not too long ago I silently released SEO Booster on - Yipee! I did so without a big announcement because I wanted to catch and fix bugs without too many users affected. Since the initial release, I have released...

5 Proven Website Promotion Tips

You can’t compete in any industry online if you have a weak online presence. Here are a few website promotion tips to help you get started.

8 Free WordPress Blog Themes of 2017

WordPress is popular with bloggers because it's easy to customize. You can use themes built by other people and apply them to your site in no time at all. And there's plenty out there! The truth is, you need a good theme. You can spend hours working on...

How to Become a SEO Specialist

Want to get into the SEO business full time? Or master SEO skills for your own website? Learn how to do either by becoming a true SEO specialist.

4 Useful WordPress Tools for Data Visualization

Data visualization involves taking raw data and converting it into visually appealing presentations which readers can easily digest. Visualizing data on WordPress is an amazing way of drawing your reader's attention to the X factor in your posts. As a WordPress user,...

Move Your WordPress Site to a New Domain (Without Hurting SEO)

Move Your Wordpress Site to New Domain Without Hurting SEO  Your site is your brand's home. It is how you welcome new relationships and maintain those already established. You have a history with your site. It has been there from the start as a partner of sorts. It...

5 Mobile UI Design Mistakes That Are Killing Your SEO

Want your mobile app to take off in the industry? Then, you need high SEO rankings and strong mobile UI design to get noticed. In fact, you have to stand out among the other 2.2 million mobile apps available in Apple’s store! If you’re trying to grow website traffic,...

Online Marketing: What you need to know

Maintaining healthy relationships with customers and putting up a brand is vital to every business. If your firm does not have an online marketing strategy, then it has a big chance of not succeeding. What is online marketing? Online marketing is an approach that aids...

How to A/B Test With Google Optimize

You've decided to revamp your company website. It's been long overdue, and your graphic designer has come up with some great concepts. But which one do you choose? How do you know which one will work best? It sounds like you need to run some A/B testing! Lucky for...

Effective Ways to Promote your Business Online

How do you promote a small business online these days? To promote your business, you should take certain steps for you not to miss any opportunities. The following are some ways on how you can maximize your internet usage to be able to advertise your small business,...

Fastest FTP client for MacOS

I am a web developer, and it matters a lot to me how fast the FTP clients I use work. I always look for ways to work faster and handle more tasks efficiently, and this is where the speed of your FTP clients matters. If you are a web developer or for some other reasons...

SEO Booster 3 just released!

I am delighted to announce the v. 3-series of SEO Booster. I have nicknamed the release “Phoenix” 🙂 I dubbed it Phoenix mostly because I feel this is a resurrection of a plugin that has been a large part of my life for nine years, it was after all the first plugin...

How to Write a Good Meta Description in WordPress

There are many ways to improve website traffic. Educating yourself on the basics of online marketing and investing in top-notch social media plugins are both great ways to improve your website's credibility. There's also the meta description. A solid meta description...

HTTP Error 404 and SEO: What You Need to Know

You've seen it in your own personal web browsing, the HTTP error 404. you click on a promising link but are disappointed to encounter an error screen. If this frustrates you, how do you think your users feel when they encounter it on your website? It certainly affects...

How to submit a sitemap to Google

You can't succeed on the web if Google doesn't know about your site. Learn how to submit a sitemap to Google. It's the biggest search engine out there with over 3.5 billion searches daily. People rely on it to bring them everything from movie schedules to explanations...

How to Remove Comments From WordPress

There are many reasons why you might want to remove the comments feature on your blog, but how do you do it? Here’s how to remove comments from Wordpress.

5 Easy To Use SEO Reporting Tools

You work hard at your business and at keeping your website relevant, efficient, and easy-to-use. But how do you know if your hard work is paying off in terms of SEO? Here are 5 SEO reporting tools to help you quantify your efforts.

5 Easy WordPress SEO Tips

If you operate a website, you know proper search engine optimization is important. When it comes to running a WordPress site, SEO is everything!

In fact, good SEO separates the high-quality WordPress sites from the amateurs.

Are you doing it right? Here are some quick WordPress SEO tips to improve your site in a few clicks of your mouse.

4 Online Marketing Tactics You Need to Stop

Standing out online can be a massive challenge. It's a crowded field and every day more and more companies enter the fray. You've likely been trying many different marketing tactics to make yourself stand out. But are they the right ones? You can kiss your questions...

5 Organic SEO Tips to Increase Your Traffic

Organic SEO growth is the only reliable way to move your way up in the Google rankings, but it isn't easy! The smart use of keywords, link building, and backlinking takes effort and it can be tempting to ignore organic SEO tips in favor of trying to trick search...

Free Online Marketing Courses for Marketing Basics Help

Do you know anything about online marketing basics? Or are you just getting started? The only way to get better is to continue learning! We're sharing the 5 free online marketing courses you need to try to improve your marketing know-how! The first step is to create a...

Why You Need to Harden WordPress Accounts to Prevent Attacks

Harden WordPress Accounts to Prevent Attacks Your blog is your baby, which is why it is important to harden your WordPress account. Read here why you need to harden WordPress accounts! The internet is a dangerous place these days. If you live on the internet like the...

Top Plugins for WordPress that Increase Conversions

We all want our websites to increase conversions, and we're sharing the top plugins for your Wordpress site to get the job done. Check them out here. There are a huge number of amazing, top plugins out there that can help you with all sorts of things. From making your...

When It’s Yoast vs All in One SEO Pack, Who Wins?

SEO itself is a moving target and companies that build SEO plugins are constantly having to change their software to fit what Google is doing at the moment.
There are two SEO plugins that dominate the market today.

Revisiting old posts – years later

I recently rediscovered some old content from my old blog on another website. I have teased some of the content on my Google+ page and a couple on Twitter @cleverplugins. (Fair warning, ...

How to fetch and display WordPress plugin information

A simple piece of code to fetch plugin information about any plugin hosted on and display on your own website. If you have built your own plugins and publish them on, you might want to display some basic stats about the plugin. With this...

WordPress Optimization Tips – header.php

A regular task in my work is to improve the speed of a website. There are many places to tweak, but a place I always go to look for some easy improvements is the header.php file.

301 redirects for 404 spam pages – WordPress Style

This is a repost from my old website. If your WordPress website has ever been hacked, you know there is a lot of cleaning up to do after cleaning up the database, files and of course spiced up your security, right? In many cases the hackers use the hacked website to...

SEO Booster 2.2 released

I'm very happy to announce SEO Booster 2 and have seen significant updates. The last post I made about SEO Booster 2 was around version 2.0.14 and quite a few things have happened since, check out the changelog for all that has been going on. A few...

SEO Booster – Inject keyword in title

Inject popular keywords in the <title>-tag! An old feature from the version 1-series that was not implemented in version 2 was recently requested on the forum. The feature is "Inject keyword in title tag" and added the most popular keyword to the title tag. This...

How to automate SEO reporting!

Collecting and gathering the information for just a few Search Engine Optimization projects can be difficult and very time-consuming.

With a few SEO tools, services and investments you can build a system that runs automatically and leaves you time to focus on the more challenging aspects of building SEO strategies.

Barry Hughes Interview

Barry Hughes is a Scottish WordPress developer, based in in Canada. Barry was kind enough to answer some questions about himself and his work.

Hello Barry. Thank you for doing this interview. Please ...

WordPress Optimization Checklist

WordPress Optimization has many benefits to your website. The user experience improves, conversion rates in your webshop and better SEO rankings. Learn some of the tricks I use to optimize WordPress.

SoreThumb – Attention getting WordPress plugin

SoreThumb is a new WordPress plugin that combats banner blindness, bringing attention to specific elements on your website without compromising style. Online marketeers now have a new weapon in their armory for increasing CTR, as long as they don’t abuse it or it could have an opposite effect.

How to delete unattached media in WordPress

When working with WordPress, you sometimes end up with unattached media.

This could happen for many reasons, usually you sometimes upload files you no longer use or for some other reason ends up ...

WordPress Content Deployment with RAMP

RAMP is a WordPress plugin that allows you to easily deploy changes from development servers directly to the production server.

WITHOUT the hassle of either replicating all steps manually or the more hardcore way of dumping and importing the entire database.

WordPress Functions.php Code Collection on Stackexchange

Functions.php code collection hosted on WordPress Answers on – The best code collection for your functions.php WordPress.

The functions.php file in your WordPress theme is an underutilized resource for many WordPress powered sites.

WordPress header.php Optimization Tips

WordPress is very fast when you first install it, but there are many things you can do to optimize your WordPress site for more speed.

In this article I give a few tips you can use to improve your header.php file.

Benefits, testimonials and old customers!

There has been a lot of changes and additions the past week on, and I would like to share some of the highlights with you:
New member benefits!
I am currently negotiating a ...

Boosting the lips of Venus

“My search engine traffic has increased by at least 500% since installing this plugin.” – Venus O’Hara talks about her experiences using SEO Booster PRO, the dynamic WordPress SEO Plugin. Relaunch

I am happy to announce the relaunch of, with a brand new look and with lots of improvements, let me walk you through some of them…

Tony Lindskog RIP

Dear customers and friends of

It is my sad duty to inform you that my friend and business-partner Tony Lindskog passed away shortly before New Years 2010.

Setting Featured Image via code

I have been gradually updating a WordPress blog over the past few weeks, and one of the new features requested was adding more imagery to the site.

Adding thousands of featured images to old posts published before the new WordPress feature is best done automatically via PHP/MySQL, read on for explanation and code example.

WordPress Multisite Search

A quick and simple solution for displaying search results from all subblogs on your WordPress 3 Multisite installation.

How to publish on several WordPress Blogs

A friend of mine recently asked me of how to most effectively control content creation on several WordPress blogs, and that motivated me to dive into this quite lengthy article.

No 404 on WordPress Blogs!

A quick and easy way to remove all 404 errors on your WordPress Blogs and redirect all 404’s with a 301 to your homepage. Never loose linkjuice again.

Milan Petrovic Interview

This interview is the third in a series of interviews with outstanding WordPress Developers. This time Milan Petrovic was kind enough to answer a few questions.

SEO Keyword Ranking Tool – is a online tool that can monitor your domains for the keywords you choose. The tool is simple, but very powerful and it has one of the nicest designs for an online SEO Tool I’ve seen in a long time.

Interview with Vladimir Prelovac

Vladimir Prelovac is an outstanding WordPress Developer who is the author of not only a lot of Plugins and a few Themes, but also a book on WordPress Development. He was kind enough to take the time to answer a few questions…

LinkDiagnosis Review is an online website diagnosis, and it is very easy to use and well designed.

The tool is perfect for running quick analysis of websites, as compared to the more robust offline tools I use for detailed SEO analysis.

Have you visited yet?

Jeff Starr from Digging into WordPress released a post a few days ago about the different configuration values you can set in wp-config.php, entitled ‘WordPress Configuration Tricks’, which is a very interesting read.

Does your site convert on Google?

It is very important to make sure your homepage is as well-represented on Google as possible. As you can see in the following screen shot, Google updated the listing after a few days, and it is now a lot more relevant and appealing to the people searching on Google.

Is your WordPress Theme holding you back?

With the code above, the theme showed the name of the blog and the description on the frontpage, and on all other pages, the title of the post/page followed by a \”-\” hyphen and then the name of the blog.

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