The world of video is growing. Optimizing video is an essential trend in social media marketing, but can be confusing for the non-filmmakers.

Video editing is difficult as it is. But certain social media platforms only allow certain video lengths, file types, and file sizes.

These social media platforms may only enable mobile posting. This is problematic when your video is only transferable on your desktop and your video editing platform is not optimized for mobile. Even getting the content up on your site can be difficult, check out our guide for getting video content on your website.

Fortunately, there are ways to make video optimization easy. Various tools and plugins help with video editing as well as web and social media posting.

Online video and audio production in a studio

Here are some online video production plugins and tools worth experimenting:

Color Fixer Pro

One of the most difficult aspects of online video production is color grading and correction. Cutting and splicing clips is easy. But even professionals struggle with achieving that perfect color tone without the grainy look.

While video editing programs like Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut have color editing software, they may be difficult to use.

Fortunately, there are programs such as Color Fixer Pro. This is a free plugin you can use with just about all major video editing software.

If you want easy color correction, use their already-made presets. Otherwise, Color Fixer Pro has white balance tools and film lighting curves.

If you want to be more pro, upgrading to Colorfast gives you more presets and tools. However, this plugin is $99.

Elite Video Wordpress Plugin

Filmmakers have a love-hate relationship with Wordpress.

gounder / Pixabay

For the good – Wordpress is one of the easiest hosting platforms for all sorts of content. This includes video. However, Wordpress limits filmmakers when self-hosting their videos.

Most video on Wordpress is only utilized by pasting the video’s embed code from YouTube or Vimeo. And as all online video production specialists know, this is terrible for SEO.

Fortunately, Wordpress is giving filmmakers a chance to achieve a beautiful website while effectively optimizing video for self-hosting. Elite Video Plugin is one of them.

This plugin gives you an option of self-hosting your videos or embedding them from YouTube or Vimeo. When optimizing when Vimeo or YouTube, it enables ads and playlists. This plugin works on all devices and browsers.

Video Ads Player

Do you run your ads on Google Adsense? Don’t limit your ad runs through page views and click-throughs. Optimize Google Ads for online video production.

This Wordpress plugin supports tags from Adsense with Google Interactive Media Ads (IMA). Like YouTube, this plug-in optimizes pre-roll, post-roll, banner, and text ads.


Are you new to video editing? Or don’t require in-depth video editing tools? Then Nutshell is perfect.

You take three pictures, add text and graphics, choose transitions between images, and you’re done.

The free app allows you to advertise your photography portfolio, your company’s promotional images, or anything that requires a fun slideshow-themed video.

It’s only compatible with iPhone and is completely free.


This app is simple, but it’s a fully automated video editor. It’s perfect for those who make simple movies or those who want to become more familiar with video editing.

You start by uploading an unedited video clip to the app. You include a preset intro and add text. Then you choose between a selection of music, pick the title and length of your video, and edit your work.

You can save the video or export it to a number of major social media platforms. These videos are simple and only takes a few minutes to create one.

Magisto is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android, and there’s also an online version. The basic edition is free.

Additional features cost extra. These include cloud storage, making longer videos, and using more than 30 clips per video.

YouTube Audio Library

Finding fair use content is tricky. Images and audio can be copyrighted. If you use copyrighted media, you could get into some trouble.

Fortunately, YouTube is trying to make this easier for filmmakers. YouTube’s audio library includes audio that is free to use. These audio clips are in the fair use category, so you won’t get flagged.

These audio files can be used for all types of video: personal, professional, and even commercial.

iMovie App

If you enjoy iMovie, receive all of the benefits of the iMovie app. You’ll be able to take the whole video editing process on your phone. Just use your mobile device or tablet to record a video and import the footage into the app.

There are several features of the app, such as arranging clips and adding transitions.

iMovie app is only compatible with Apple devices. The app costs $4.99.

Facebook Slideshow

geralt / Pixabay

Are you in the video business of creating ads? While the movie is good, making ads is tough work. Especially when the ads are short but still have to be edited well with perfect color balance.

Fortunately, there are tools to easily create video ads. A program like Facebook Slideshow helps create the ads within Facebook’s strict guidelines.

Keep in mind, this app only creates ads from still images.

You can utilize Facebook video ads for these reasons:

  • Promote your website
  • Send people to your website
  • Increase conversions
  • Get installs of your app
  • Increase engagement
  • Get the latest video news

Moreover, you can upload three-to-seven images, and choose the length of the ad, transitions, and your thumbnail.


This is a social media posting tool, but for video.

Publish your videos on Stacker and send your video to all social media accounts. Stacker offers lots of cool features, such as posting your videos during peak times on social networks.

Users can also view their video statistics and keep up with the latest video trends.

Improve Your Online Video Production

It’s easy to film and edit videos.

Filmmaking is convenient, fast, and can be optimized for social media platforms. These plugins and tools will help you achieve superior videos that your followers will love. If you are trying to drive more traffic, creating quality content will always be time well spent, content is king.