In this day and age and every business’ digital marketing strategy, an online presence is one of the most important ways to reach potential customers. Including targeted keywords and monitoring them will not only help you reach your target market, but it will also show you which of your contents work, and which ones you need to change or improve.

Having an SEO strategy is important for not wasting your time on needless things that do not influence your website that much.

For this strategy to work, you must spend some time tracking your keywords and analyzing the results to optimize your site fully. You can do this with the help of a few SEO tools to check your keyword ranking on Google. Here are some SEO tools you might find useful.

1. SEO Profiler

SEO Profiler is an incredibly easy SEO tool to use as it integrates with Google Analytics. It does more than track your keyword. It also provides you the opportunity to spy on your rivals by keeping constant tabs on the keywords that they are using that are ranking so well in Google Analytics so that you can use them, as well.

You can see also how well your keywords are ranking in comparison. This gives you an edge over your competitors. Also, you will get notifications if there are potential keywords that you can use that are yet to rank as number one but have the potential to be on top when used correctly.

You can use these functions to your advantage. Knowing how you stack up against your competitors, the keywords they use that are ranking so well that you can also integrate to your content, and all the keywords that could potentially rank when used properly can make your marketing strategy work and your business on top.

2. Dyno Mapper

DYNO Mapper is currently a favorite of most SEO experts and marketing professionals. It is multifunctional, easy to use, and fully integrated with Google Analytics. It tracks your keyword, and it is a great visual sitemap generator. After it creates your website’s sitemap, it will automatically pull all the keywords you used in your site’s meta.

You will be able to see your site’s highest ranking pages that you can use to edit existing content, plan future posts, and use the information to your advantage. This SEO tool will also help you gain an upper hand by allowing you to monitor your competitors.

Doing so will let you keep up with the current trends as it also shows you how your website is doing in terms of ranking. You also have an option to receive regular notifications regarding your website’s performance that also includes sitemap comments, daily keyword ranking, and weekly or monthly reports from monitoring your contents.

Overall, DYNO Mapper is a great multifunctional SEO tool that can provide you with the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage against your competitors and give you the opportunity to achieve all your marketing strategies for just a minimal fee. At $40 per month, you can get unlimited domains and 1,000 keywords tracked daily, per location and device.

3. SEMrush

SEMrush is a longtime favorite keyword tracking tool among SEO experts and marketing professionals. It is extremely easy to use. You can use the search bar to rank a particular site or page on Google by providing the site’s URL, the results will allow you to compare them with other sites. Simply select a keyword and you will get results on how the sites and pages rank.

It does not differentiate between other websites and your own. You may have to wait for the tool to complete analyzing a page before you can manually select a keyword. This is probably the only thing that other SEO tools do better. With less effort, other SEO tools can get you detailed results in a just s few seconds and on a single page. If you want detailed data, you can get the service from SEMrush for only $70 per month.

4. WooRank

WooRank has a dashboard that can provide you with all the technical information about your site and allows you to add URLs of your competitors’ sites so you would be able to see how your site ranks against your rivals.

Another great feature of WooRank is its review function that can provide you with your website’s ranking as a whole and could give you feedback on the things that you are doing right, as well as highlighting particular sections where improvements can be done. You have the option to continue the feature so that you can look at the past results as you review your site to see if your ranking improved.

This tool also automatically gives you suggestion on keywords that you used and make suggestions for other keywords that can be useful for your content but you might have missed.

WooRanks allows a 7-day trial for free if you want to test the tool first before you decide to avail the Pro Plan package that would cost you $49 a month and $149 a month for a Premium plan.

5. Google Keyword Planner

This was originally called Google Keyword Tool and Traffic Estimator. It allows users to see the current trends and research keywords.

If you are just starting your business and preparing your contents, Google Keyword Planner is a great tool that you can use to search for all the targeted keywords that suit your business. It uses words and phrases that are related to your site and will provide you with a list of potential keywords that you can use as well as how they rank.

Although this works primarily for people who are planning their site and preparing content, it could also provide you with a full report on the rankings of keywords and their performance based on how they are searched. Google Keyword Planner will also allow you to check how well your site is performing in comparison to your competitors’ sites.

It is obviously owned by Google and will provide you with accurate results based on Google’s search engine but will not give you results outside of Google. If you have already signed up for an Adwords account, you can use Google Keyword Planner for free.


If you love SEMrush, you will also like Ahrefs. This tool’s main focus is backlinks, but you can still use it to check for keyword rankings as well. However, it is best to use in conjunction with another SEO tool for keyword ranking.

Ahrefs has other great features that you can use. As an SEO keyword ranking tool, its main function is to collect all the keywords on your site and tell you how well they are ranking. You will get a localized report if you opt to specify the search engine results based on the country that you want.

This is probably one of its greatest feature and an underrated one. A lot of people do not know that they can exploit this feature and focus on a keyword that would rank in their country, which can get them better results in terms of focusing on their target market.

You can enjoy the free version Ahref, but it is quite limited. It is highly recommended that you opt for the package that costs $79 a month to enjoy its full features.

7. Advanced Web Ranking

This tool works for both desktop and cloud-based ranking. Unlike other SEO keyword ranking tool, you will be able to track an unlimited number of websites and automated reports on how your site is doing in terms of ranking according to your preferred schedule.

It is also great if you are doing a business presentation and have to generate a report quickly. You just have to hit the refresh button and update the data that you have manually.

Advanced Web Ranking offers packages. The standard package is just $49 a month. The Professional package that provides the full features of Advanced Link Manager costs $99 a month.

These SEO keyword ranking tools are handy for your business. Each has its stand out features, which you can use to your advantage. There are more SEO keyword ranking tools out there, but these are seven of the best ones that most SEO experts and marketing professionals use and love.