I have just released version 1.3 of Topic Storm. Topic Storm autoblogs content based on what is popular on Twitter right now, and the new version introduces some really cool features and some bugfixes.

First of all, Topic Storm 1.3 is WordPress 3.3 ready! The new WordPress version has a lot of very nice features, among them a speedier interface which you can look forward to.

In this release of Topic Storm

A better interface. I had a brush with lots of green colors previously, but it horribly crashed with the rest of the WordPress interface. The design changes are a move towards a leaner and more polished look. Scandinavian design ftw! 😉

A cool feature with the new Twitter API is that you can use WoeID (Where on Earth IDentifier). You can look up different countries, regions and cities with this system, try it out here for instance: http://woeid.rosselliot.co.nz/lookup/

Yahoo API decrapated, using BING API instead, this needs an API key (free to sign up). If you want to use images with Topic Storm, you need to sign up for a free Bing API (you do that here: https://ssl.bing.com/webmaster/Developers/AppIds/)

The pictures are now downloaded and added to the internal media library (for easier media management) and are attached as a featured image to the blogposts published.

Oh yeah, I added better usage of WordPress’s transient API for a speedier workflow.


Changes in this version

  • Bugfix: Twitter Trends working again.
  • Layout and interface has been updated and improved
  • Uses internal WordPress transient cache to reduce calls to the Twitter API
  • Now supports WOEID (Where On Earth ID) locations in Twitter!
  • Changed the ‘Help’ tab a bit with more details and links
  • Now uses Bing Image search API, Yahoo! API was deprecated
  • Images are now attached as Featured Image!