Note: The plugin Topic Storm has been retired. There are no plans at the moment to revive it.
This post is kept alive.

Topic Storm is back!

This is just a quick update to let you know that Topic Storm, the WordPress autoblogging plugin with a Twitter twist, is now back in the shop.

There are many ways you can use Topic Storm to bring SEO value to your blog. I will explain one of the smart ways of doing this in an upcoming blogpost on my (SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing)

I recently published a couple of more posts on CleverSEM, one of which was about how I have automated the data-gathering aspect of SEO work, in my post “How to automate SEO reporting”.

My very first post on was about Milan Petrovic’s amazing WordPress plugin, GD Press Tools PRO 4. The second of my recent blogposts is about the automated backup feature in the plugin.

“WordPress Backup on Dropbox” explains how you can set up GD Press Tools to back up your WordPress site to any of the major CDN’s (in my case I use Dropbox). The backup process is completely automated, not only does GDPT backup the database, it can also be configured to backup all the files as well.

The backups are automatically uploaded to Dropbox in a specific folder in my account. This folder I’ve set up to be synchronized on a couple of my machines, and particularly my Mac Mini, which is then also backed up via my Time Machine.

Backup paranoid? You betcha. I’ve learned my lesson about backing up, in fact I have learned that particular lesson several times in my careeer. I sleep better at night backing up on Dropbox using Milan’s GD Press Tools PRO WordPress plugin ­čÖé

Several other changes have been done here on, but I’ll update you about those in a later post, have a nice weekend everyone! ­čÖé

Topic Storm for WordPress

Topic Storm grabs the trending topics on Twitter, the topics which are popular and what the world is tweeting about right now.

You configure topic storm to how often it should grab new content, what kind of content and which category to post it in.