This update is primarily about deleting. Deleting duplicate posts in WordPress to be exact.

Many, many years ago I posted about how to delete duplicate posts manually, but I made a plugin to handle the problem instead – In 2009 I released the “Delete Duplicate Posts” plugin on, but was without active development for a while.

Delete Duplicate Posts WordPress plugin

Some months ago I was able to get the plugin updated and brought up to a better standard and cleaned a lot of developer mistakes along the way. I do not feel too bad about it, the first version was published over 7 years ago, I have learned quite a bit meanwhile 🙂

Delete Duplicate Posts plugin has over 10.000 active installs right now.

Today I have released the first update in 2017, fixing some bugs and added some fixes and a feature that Mark dropped by the support forum to ask for.

I am used to working with Git for so long, that doing commits to SVN feels weird and I have to have a cheat-sheet open to do it. Fortunately, I found about Versions for Mac and that is so much easier to work with instead. I hope that will make it a lot faster for me to make releases.

Over 100.000 downloads – that is cool, thanks 🙂