Did you know that 22% of the global population uses Facebook, 81% of millennials are active on Twitter, and 93% of Pinterest users make purchases on the platform every day? These statistics alone should be enough to convince you to start using social media for promoting your website if you’re still contemplating whether to make social media a part of your marketing strategy or not.

This list of social media platforms above is certainly not exhaustive, but no matter which audience you’re marketing to — baby boomers, women, professionals or millennials, with attentive research and some experimentation you’re sure to find the right platform for you.

So if you’re still thinking whether you should start using social media to promote your website or not —guess what, you need to stop thinking and start taking action.

Let’s face it; times have changed. People spend little or no time reading mail and magazines. Since the mass has now migrated their attention online, instead of merely turning to offline marketing methods, there is a vast mine of opportunity that could be waiting for you on the web.

So what are the benefits of using social media to promote your website? The list is endless but for your quick take away here are some of them:

Improves Brand Awareness

Social media strategies help in spreading the word about your product or service. Initially, a single social media profile can be liked and shared by employees, business partners, and sponsors. This initial push will get your brand in front of a broader audience.

Boosts Traffic

A larger audience on a social media profile page will directly reflect as an increment of visitors on your website. Without social media, you are restricted to only those customers who know you or your product. The addition of each new social media profile acts as a new entrance point for your website.

Higher Search Engine Rankings

It’s highly unlikely that with a search engine like Google any new customer is going to type a web address in the browser. People just type in the keyword related to the product or service they are looking for in the search engine.

This is where social media steps in. As your social media profile grows, you are likely to get more likes on your page or your product/service and more readers of your content. All of this creates more buzz around your offerings and guess what, search engines now start ranking your website higher due to its growing popularity.

Economical Marketing

Compared to conventional marketing, social media marketing is highly economical. In fact, by using organic techniques such as having contests, prizes, promotional codes and more your lead generation could be done with practically a zero marketing cost.

Efficient Customer Service

Social media allows an open forum for potential customers and current clients to discuss their queries and complaints, and also provides transparency for the public to see how your customers are treated. By responding to customer questions promptly and providing effective feedback, you can deliver 5-star support and also convert warm leads to clients.

Customer Loyalty

Prompt customer service leads to higher customer satisfaction. Happy customers often spread the good word on social media. This showcases your brand in a positive light, raises the brand image and helps you acquire both new customers as well as getting repeat orders from loyal customers.

Brand Reputation

People want to know what others are saying about your brand before they buy from you. Social media provides the biggest platform for customers to share their feedback which is a vital factor that builds the reputation of your brand and your website.

Higher Conversions

People who have similar interests, hobbies or those who are looking for a solution to their problem are usually talking about it on social media for additional insight and advice. With all this hype, all you do is throw in your product or service as a possible solution, and you are bound to see a much higher conversion rate on your website.

Thought Followers

Insightful messages and blogs create an interest in people to follow the writer in social media. When using social media to promote your website, this is one area that needs to be regularly updated to keep followers engaged. Over time, when you are a known expert and a leader in your field, you will gain more readership with a loyal following, increasing traffic flow to your website.

Active Targeted Audience

You can geo-target your audience for promotion. For example, sending offers and messages to a group of people in a particular location. They can also be targeted based on a particular age group or interest. Both of these can be greatly leveraged to design effective marketing strategies for a higher conversion rate on your website.

So now that you know the benefits of using social media to promote your business, how do you get started on the right path?

With numerous social media platforms and hundreds of overwhelming strategies here are some of the basics to help you:

  • Know your target audience
  • Share your experience like a story
  • Use the same brand name across all social media platforms
  • Do not promote a direct sale link
  • Engage the audience in a conversation
  • Provide value to the reader by posting quality content
  • Provide a link for the audience to enhance their learning
  • Encourage a call to action from the reader
  • And lastly, do not sound like a salesperson on social media!

Social Media All The Way!

When using social media to promote your website, even a single trending YouTube video or a tweet could drive huge traffic to your website. Coupled with posting persuasive quality content, this traffic could skyrocket your sales.

Undoubtedly, having a social media strategy should be a top priority in your digital marketing efforts. With that in mind, we aim to assist you in growing your business.

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