VideoPoster2 Manual

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VideoPoster2 - Premium WordPress Plugin


Installation instructions

  1. FTP the VideoPoster2 folder to your wp-content/plugins/-folder, and activate the plugin via the WordPress plugin administration.
  2. Look for the VideoPoster2 tab in your WP dashboard which is located below the settings.
  3. Make sure you go through the Configuration tab to setup VP2 to your liking


Upgrade instructions

  1. De-activate the plugin via the WordPress plugin administration.
  2. FTP the myVideoPoster folder to your wp-content/plugins/-folder, and activate the plugin via the WordPress plugin administration.
  3. Activate the plugin again via the WordPress plugin administration.
  4. Make sure you go through the settings to see if any additional options have been added to your new versions, and verify that VideoPoster2 is configured to your liking.

NOTE: Step #4 is essential when upgrading from version 1 to version 2.

The Dashboard view

Click on the my VideoPoster2 menu item in the left hand column to get to the MVP2 dashboard.

Basic Stats

The basic stats contain information about your my Video Poster installation; total number of videos posted and when the next CRON will run along with some other MVP stats.

Quick post

Paste the full URL of a Youtube video that you would like to post, pick the category you want the video to appear in and MVP will create a video post for you.

Run now

Manual run to force a CRON event which will post the number of videos set in configuration taken from the Video feeds settings.

Latest Videos

See the latest videos posted; complete with thumbnails, post title, link to post and quick edit and delete buttons.

Video Feeds Tab

Enter the full RSS feeds that you want to automatically post videos from.

  1. RSS URL
    This is where you put the full URL of the RSS feeds you want to post videos from.
  2. Feed Type
    VideoPoster2 only supports Youtube at the moment.
  3. CategorySelect a separate category for each RSS feed.
  4. RSS Feed TypesMVP2 supports many of the RSS feeds offered by Youtube.

RSS Feed Examples

Here are a few examples of custom RSS feeds:

  1. Keyword RSS feed search&v=2
  2. A users RSS feed:
  3. RSS feed by a tag browse&v=2

Youtube RSS feed information
If you want more information on Youtube RSS feeds, you can read more here:

Configuration tab (Automation and Post Settings)

Use CRON – If you enable CRON then MVP2 will automatically post videos and run by itself.

Posting Frequency – Set how many videos to post each time CRON is run and how often.

Check if video embedding is disabled – This will enable VP2 to check whether a video it is about to post has video embedding turned off in which case the video will not show on your site. It is recommended that you have this turned on.

Note: It only checks when it posts the video, so if video embedding is turned off for a certain video at a later time, there is no way for VP2 to do anything about that.

Post Status – Set the default post status (publish or draft) of each video and set what user you want to post the video as.

Note: The user to post as does not need to be the same as an Administrator and could be a made up user account specific for video posting for instance.

Post Video Width – Width of the video as inserted into the post.

Post Video Height – Height of the video as inserted into the post.

Post Template – Create your own post template using HTML; no more cookie-cutter layout, set the order you want the content to show, use div styles to float images or add extra more visual styling.

Macro List

%picture%The picture
%pictureurl%The picture URL
%video%The video (with embedding code)
%videourl%The video URL (on Youtube)
%content%The video description
%title%Title of the video

Custom Fields

You can use the custom fields feature to integrate VP2 with modern advanced WordPress themes.

Add Thumbnail URL – Turn on the thumbnail custom field feature.

Name of Custom Field – The name of the custom field for the thumbnail.

Add Embed Code – Turn on the embed code custom field feature.

Name of Custom Field – The name of the custom field for the embed code.

Blog integration

Create Tags – If checked, my Video Poster will find relevant tags for each blog post.

Limit to MAX tags – Limit to MAX number of tags added.

Tag length – Sets limitations to minimum and maximum length of each tag.

Create Comments – If checked, my Video Poster also reads the latest comments and posts a random amount of them for each video.

All comments will undergo your current comment moderation settings (comment moderation, comment blacklist, etc) but you must turn off the “Comment author must have a previously approved comment” otherwise it will not work.

Warnings & Notifications

Email errors? – Turn on to be notified of errors sent to you via e-mail.

An error could be failure to connect to Youtube or video failing to embed or RSS feed issues. This could be very helpful in tracking down errors.

RSS Integration

Embed Thumbnails in RSS? – Want to have video thumbnails in your RSS feed? No problem, just activate.

The log tab

  1. Posting Log Last 30 – Last 30 video postings with thumbnail and description as well as quick edit and delete buttons.
  2. Reset Posting Log
    WARNING: By resetting the posting log you run the risk of duplicate posts. This will not delete any posts; only the log that prevents already posted videos from being posted again. Use at your own discretion.
  3. Progress Log – Last 100 – This is a running log of everything going on with MVP; it is useful for debugging and checking purposes.
  4. Reset Progress Log – This will reset the running progress log; this is for the most part totally harmless and will not hurt anything. 🙂

Known Issues (Plugin conflicts)

Twitter Tools

There is an issue with how Twitter Tools includes its own javascript which causes a visual bug (tabs do not work) – however the rest of the plugin still works.

Solution:When configuring VP2, setting up feeds or view log – please temporarily disable Twitter Tools to gain access to those tabs and when done re-enable Twitter Tools.