5 Ways to Protect Against a Wordpress Virus

U.S. online data breaches have reached an all-time high. Tech-savvy hackers are making their way through sites that are and aren’t protected. What’s more, hackers have gained major insight and are using new technology to do so.

Tech-savvy hackers are making their way through sites that are and aren’t protected. What’s more, hackers have gained significant insight and are using new technology to do so.

Today’s hackers are much more sophisticated than we would like to think.

WordPress security can prevent hackers from ruining your site, taking your money, and impersonating you in interactions with your audience. A Wordpress virus can majorly set you back in time, resources, and money.

Malware is also alive and well in the online world. Bloggers are being tricked into installing malware on a regular basis. Avoid a headache from a virus on your WordPress site by taking the necessary preventative measures.

Make it impossible if not hellish for hackers to get through your walls. Here’s how:

  • Regularly Scan for Malware and Change Passwords
  • Install Plugins to Prevent A Wordpress Virus
  • Delete the Admin Account
  • Use safe connection methods
  • Check Your Folder Permissions

1. Regularly Scan for Malware and Change Passwords

It is essential to consistently scan your computer and remove any malware that you find. You can use Malwarebytes to do so. There are many different products available geared to help you see if your site is infected.

Be careful protecting your online businessSome even monitor your blog on a regular basis for you.

You may need to spend a little money on a monthly basis, but most plans offer fairly low rates. After you are certain your malware has been eliminated, and you’ve got a clean blog, you can take further measures to protect your site.

Changing passwords may seem like a simple thing in preventing a Wordpress virus. However, creating a new password with uppercase and lowercase letters, incorporating a number, and using an odd character in the password will give you a password that’s difficult to hack through.

Change your cpanel passwords as well as your WordPress login passwords. Use a password that you haven’t used previously, and that is not stored anywhere. Use a password that you can remember, but that is very tough to guess.

2. Install Plugins to Prevent A Wordpress Virus

Security plug-ins can make all of the difference in your defence against a Wordpress virus. Use plugins with great online reviews that have proven benefits for websites. Get a plug-in that allows you to rename your database and table prefix.

WordPress plugin ideasMuch like your password changes, make your database and table prefix renames very difficult to guess. Wordpress usually already gives your database a name that has something like “wp_” as the default table prefix. Unfortunately, this makes it relatively easy for hackers.

Because it’s a standard combination, hackers can easily scan for weaknesses in your fortress and insert a Wordpress virus. Find a plug-in with the best WordPress security technology that combines them all into one singular plugin.

With one click, you can have all the features you need to protect yourself against a Wordpress virus. Plugin magic will change the access portals for you and make them more difficult to guess or hack.

Your primary goal should be to ensure that all of your codes are tweaked to increase your security levels. See what options work with your system and which do not. It’s possible you’ll be able to change a red link to a green one, and it won’t affect your blog or plugins.

It’s possible you’ll be able to change a red link to a green one, and it won’t affect your blog or plugins. However, that same change of different colour combinations might negatively affect your blog or theme.

3. Delete the Admin Account

Yes, more changing of words, accounts, usernames, and passwords. Wordpress allows you to give access to other accounts that aren’t the administrator. Instead of using the “admin” username, consider using a unique name that hackers won’t immediately recognize and go to.

4. Safely Connect

Whenever possible, use sFTP or SSH instead of FTP when connecting your server for ultimate security. HTTPS is also an extremely secure way of making online transactions or using your Wordpress site.

This is a simple trick that you can easily do but will go a long way regarding security against a Wordpress virus. It’s all in the details when it comes to taking preventative measures to protect yourself.

5. Check Your Folder Permissions

Your files and folders need not have a welcoming red carpet for hackers with a setting of 777. Avoid letting them set up a base on your website with such an easy entrance. Set all of your files to 644 and your folders to 755.

An easy change, but it’ll make a big difference. Also, remember to have these files and folders securely backed up.

6 – Bonus: Back It Up – Regularly

This might be one of the most important steps when it comes to the security of your Wordpress site during a virus attack.

WordPress plugin checker - Verify your securityIf you have a large blog with a lot of content, the headache will be painful if you get hacked and lost your data. Save yourself time, money, and from the painstaking process of rebuilding your site from scratch by having your Wordpress completely backed up.

Find backup software that is powerful and complete with backup plugins. Some have features that even include the Dropbox integration tools which will be helpful if you are a regular user.

Backup software will help repair your site, schedule backups, restore your data and assist with migration.

Most backup programs have built-in malware scanners which will keep your consistently updated on issues with your site. It is important to remember that backup applications are different than security tools and both are necessary to prevent your site from a Wordpress virus.

Prevent WordPress Virus -Be Proactive

As the old saying goes, prevention is better than the cure. If you can manage to take a few simple steps, purchase fantastic plugins, change names and passwords you can save yourself from a Wordpress virus attack.

If you’ve taken all of the steps you can to protect your site and you still get hacked, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your entire system is properly backed up with your backup software. Continually scan for malware and stay on top of any issues you see.

When you are ready for optimal protection and the most clever plugins for your site protection, contact us today!

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