What is the Best Drag and Drop Page Builder Plugins for Wordpress

Just a decade ago, if you wanted to build even a rudimentary home page for your small business, you would need to know to code.

Since most did not know HTML, they would have to hire a web developer, and that meant steep cost. Thanks to WordPress page builders that are flourishing, you don’t have to do that again.

All that you have to do is sketch on a piece of paper what you want the page to look like, and change the wireframe prototype to a webpage by pulling and arranging elements from a page builder.

We wanted to do a review of the best Drag and Drop WordPress page builder plugins out there, and here is what we found.

Top-Rated WordPress Page Builders 2020


With over 4 million installs, Elementor is one of the most popular WordPress page builders. WordPress does come with a rudimentary block editor, but it is primitive compared to Elementor.

No matter if you are designing a website for a dentist or landing page of an online store, you can use Elementor with a fabulous effect.

It is highly adaptable and works at modifying all types of Wordpress themes.


  • Elementor offers you over 90 modules. You can have access to endless styles of buttons, forms, carousels, charts that make a page visually appealing. This wide choice of design makes Elementor outstanding as an editor.
  • The page builder allows live feedback possible. As you make the changes, it is visible instantly, and there is no need to save and view the Preview pane. Since making each page look perfect may require dozens of edits to the layout, this does help in shaving several hours of the project time of a large website with more than a couple of pages.
  • Elementor provides shadows and splendid hover effect that lends a touch of class to your site, making it look professional instead of drab text and lots of images. The transition effects and sliders make your page come alive.
  • Not only can you pick a design from the library, but the layout of one can be merged with another to create your unique site. Hence if you like one website and want the Contact Page from another, include it straight away.

Divi Builder

Some of the best WordPress themes have been developed by Elegant Themes. They also offer the Divi Builder, which is a superb drag and drop website builder.

The Divi Builder allows you to use other themes also, so do not be worried that you are locked into Elegant Themes designs alone.


  • The Divi Builder allows you to work on the front end and provides you with the result as soon as you manipulate elements. This takes much of the guesswork out of the equation and saves time as well as effort.
  • You could also switch to the backend mode that allows you to have an overview of the entire site architecture instead of editing a page at a time. Any changes you make to the theme by editing code can be saved from the backend editor.
  • It contains a full-scale wireframe tool that allows you to first design a website and then execute it. A wireframe creator has enormous value when planning large sites with many different types of pages. Not having to use an extra plugin for this function reduces the pressure considerably.
  • One of the most robust features of Divi Builder is its library with over a hundred individual websites and 700 distinct page layouts. If you do not know how to create a wireframe, pick one from the library and adapt it for your own use.
  • There are over 30 modules that contain buttons, sliders, email forms, and other elements that make a page attractive. There is even an A/B testing tool with built-in analytics that allows you to perfectly monitor which version of a web page succeeds in retaining users and generating interest.

WordPress Page Builder

The WP Page Builder is speedy, and that is due to its simplicity of design. There are fewer lines of code to weigh it down. It does lack some of the more advanced features but makes up for it with its no-frills approach to page building.

At its core, it is perfect for beginners and does away with lots of advanced functions that no one needs anyway. If Divi is the ideal page builder, then this is the perfect easy one.


  • 30 fantastic templates that can be modified to a certain extent, is a great asset. You do have creative latitude but not a whole lot. The templates are lightweight and optimized for mobile screens.
  • Intuitive design interface that does not require a steep learning curve. Just pull in the page elements from the sidebar and save the template for reuse as many times as you want.
  • A well-designed WYSIWYG editor that lets you click on a page and start working on it right away. All your changes show up right before your eyes, and there is no need to switch always between front and backend.
  • Hassle-free performance with easy to create and save custom layout features. Once you save the changes, you could use it across more than one website.
  • Plenty of modules that allow you to add lots of elements from pricing tables to email forms. Integrates perfectly with shopping sites like WooCommerce powered by WordPress.

Visual Composer

Previously known as WP Bakery, the Visual Composer has been around for long and is a matured plugin. With over 70,000 installs, it is a reliable way to create a website without any drawbacks.

The major plus point is that it allows you to view the changes in style color and font immediately and thus saves you resources. The live design feature allows you to make your site exactly as you want it without any headache.

No idea of HTML and CSS is needed to work with Visual Composer.


  • Visual Composer offers over 250 templates, page layouts, and modules in its library. Whatever type of site you wish to build, you would always find the appropriate design elements.
  • Works well with all WordPress themes and can change them, adjust parallax and gradient without any hassle.
  • There is a choice of over 300 addons that would allow you to convert Visual Composer to a really powerful all in one tool. Add different modules to get a distinct style of a web page.
  • It offers a tree view of the entire site, and you could edit any area of the site from the dashboard. From e-commerce stores to freelancers – there is a web design available for all types of sites by category.
  • There is a free version that offers basic functionality, but the premium version at a price of $59 is not expensive at all.

Which One to Use?

There are plenty of web page builders, and often it is hard to see the daylight between them. If you wish to use an elaborate tool, try to use Divi and Elementor.

More basic use would tend towards Visual Composer. In essence, all of them boast of features such as live view and pre-built templates, but there are differences in application and, most importantly, price.

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