WooCommerce Cross-seller

WooCommerce Cross-seller

WooCommerce Cross-Seller

Automatically email product suggestions to your customers, increasing your revenue.

This ecommerce plugin makes cross selling products on your Woocommerce webshop easy.

WooCommerce Cross-SellerIncrease your sales!

This plugin monitors when a purchase is made and emails suggestions for other products your customers might like later – automatically.

You can increase sales by reaching out to old customers and suggest other products for them, based on what they have bought before.

Your existing customers already know your shop, your products and your service and they are most likely to buy more from you again.

Big companies and web shops regularly sends out follow up emails and suggest other products or services for you, based on what you have bought before. Now this is possible for WooCommerce shop owners as well, with the new plugin called WooCommerce cross-seller. Once installed on your website it watches for new customers and purchases and sends out emails automatically with recommendations for other products in your shop. Each email is personalized to each customer based on what they have bought before and is always up to date with what is in your shop right now.

WooCommerce Cross-Seller Small Sample Screenshot
Example email with suggested products


  • Intelligent system – Suggests other products based on PREVIOUS purchases – It does not recommend products customer have already purchased!
  • Only sends out products in stock right now!
  • You can also suggest products on sale – your customers will love to save money!
  • You can fully customize all email content in the settings page.
  • Customers can sign out for any more suggestion emails – Do not annoy your loyal customers.
  • Adapts to your WooCommerce email templates – Keeps the same look and feel like your other emails.
  • Includes test email feature so you can customize your email marketing before turning the plugin on automatic!
  • You choose how many emails to send and how often you follow up with your customers.

Customize and personalize emails

Emails adapt to the style and look of your WooCommerce email templates, and the content you can modify with lots of different macros.

WooCommerce Cross-Seller custom macros
Custom macros for personalized results

Custom Settings

You can customize the plugin to work just the way you want it.

Screenshot of settings page for WooCommerce Cross-Seller
WooCommerce Cross-Seller Settings page

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