WooCommerce Cross-Seller

Make your customers buy AGAIN

Nothing is easier than selling to an existing client. This plugin will skyrocket your sales!

When a customer grants you trust and confidence they are ready to buy again and again.

Let's automate this and make more money!

  • Fully customizable.
  • Customers can opt out at any time.
  • Adapts to your WooCommerce email templates – loyal to your design.
  • Intelligent system – Suggests other products based on PREVIOUS purchases – It does not recommend products customer have already purchased.
  • Exclude products you don't want to promote.
  • Change the subject line and headline in settings.
  • Click tracking - monitor the progress of your email campaign.
  • See scheduled emails in the settings page.

Increase your sales!

This plugin monitor when a purchase is made and emails suggestions for other products your customers might like later – fully automated.

You can increase sales by reaching out to old customers and suggest other products for them, based on what they have bought before.

Your existing customers already know your shop, your products and your service and they are most likely to buy more from you again.

Big companies like Amazon and other big online retailers and webshops regularly send out follow up emails and suggest other products or services for you, based on what you have bought before.

Now, this is possible for WooCommerce shop owners as well. Once installed on your website it watches for new customers and purchases and sends out emails automatically with recommendations for other products in your shop.

Premium Version

Enter multiple different headlines and subject lines.

Edit the email content directly in the settings, no need to edit template files manually.

Show product suggestions on the Thank You page after purchase.

1 website

$ 69 / year
  • 1 year of support and plugin updates for one website

2 websites

$ 99 / year
  • 1 year of support and plugin updates for two websites.

5 Websites

$ 179 / year
  • 1 year of support and plugin updates for up to 5 websites.

Have more than 5 websites and looking for a bulk discount? Get in touch with us here.