WordPress is popular with bloggers because it’s easy to customize. You can use WordPress blog themes built by other people and apply them to your site in no time at all. And there’s plenty out there!

The truth is, you need a good theme. You can spend hours working on your SEO tactics to streamline your site’s online presence, but if it doesn’t look the part, people probably won’t stick around for that long.

So you’ll be pleased to hear that you can pick up hundreds of great themes at absolutely zero cost – We looked around and here are eight new great looking WordPress blog themes you can try out.

Remember to review them in detail to make sure they live up to your needs before you change your theme, but since they are all free, it will only cost you time to switch to a new theme.


You can use the free Challenger theme to build a fast-growing new blog. This WordPress theme has a modern style that will present your content effectively on laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Challenger includes a simple assortment of customization features. Some of these options include social media icons for the header, a custom logo, options to show/hide various site elements, and an option to display the date your posts were last updated. Perhaps the most practical feature though is the lead generation header.

At the top of the site, you can include a custom call-to-action and a button linking to an optin form. You get full control over the colors, text, and background image of this page section. You also get to control which pages it shows on, so it can be limited to the homepage, for instance, or display on every post.

Overall, Challenger is a clean and fast-loading theme that many bloggers will enjoy for making a simple site.

Challenger WordPress theme




As WordPress blog themes go, ReviewZine is pretty slick.

The theme makes it easy to present your newest work prominently and offers users helpful navigation tools to find their way around.

Writers will likely find that the layout suits their needs – articles are laid out as one main column with room for supplementary content around the edges.

Reviewzine WordPress Theme


Oblique is a WordPress blog theme for fashion fans, artists, or really anyone else who needs lots of imagery alongside their words.

Its polished appearance gives it a premium feel – despite the fact it’s free – and it has a responsive design and you can customize the background.

Oblique WordPress Theme


Out of all the WordPress blog themes listed here, Boston may just strike the best balance between words and imagery. It might be a good choice for a writer who likes images – or a photographer who likes words!

There’s also a default ‘about me’ box included on post pages, so it might also be useful for freelancers looking to use their blog to market themselves and their skills.

Boston WordPress Theme


Yuuta lets you share pictures, videos and text – all presented in a stylish and responsive full-screen design.

Space for big ideas.

Yuuta WordPress Theme


One for the sports fans, Rider is a multi-page website and blog rolled into one.

Gives you lots of room to show off in.

Rider WordPress Theme


The name gives a good explanation of this WordPress blog theme.

Responsively designed and with nice clean menu features, SmartBlog is useful for those with larger sites or blogs that cover lots of different topics.

Smartblog WordPress Theme


Another theme that does what its name says! Spacious is a great, roomy theme which provides plenty of room for writers to do what they do best.

Comes with 4 default page layouts and 4 blog display types for starters.


Seasonal really stands out from other WordPress blog themes because of its gorgeous design.

It really helps you make the most of images, and a static (but great-looking) left-hand navbar makes navigation a breeze.

Seasonal WordPress Theme

Try Out Various WordPress Blog Themes and Choose What Works

The best part about using a free theme is that if you decide down the line that you want to change, you haven’t spent a penny.

Of course, picking your favorite from these WordPress blog themes is not the only thing that you can do to promote your business online. But it’s a great place to start.

Which theme do you want to try out? Join the conversation in the comments section below.