WordPress Content Deployment with RAMP

RAMP is a WordPress plugin that allows you to quickly deploy changes you create on staging or development servers directly to the production server WITHOUT the hassle of either replicating all steps manually, exporting and importing or even the more hardcore way of dumping and importing the database.

Not only can you work on your local server and deploy changes directly with one click, but you can also utilize the preflight checklist to make sure the changes you are deploying are not in conflict with the development server.

So, if you have created a new post and during that creation also created a category and a few tags, RAMP will automatically create these categories and tags as well.

RAMP also checks if there have been any more recent changes on the production server, saving you the embarrassment of overwriting newer changes with older ones.

This WordPress plugin looks quite amazing, and I have not even played with it yet. I would love to play around with it for an upcoming future project!

Now, the most important thing is the Rollback feature. Or it will be for me at least.

If you do any mistakes, you can easily roll back to an earlier version, letting you sleep well at night.

The tone and dash of humor on the site is a big plus in my book as well 🙂

Take a look, and let me know in the comments what you think of it

Note: This does not seem to have been updated since the middle of 2014, so you might want to research if the tool is still worth the investment.

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