WordPress Functions.php Code Collection on Stackexchange

WordPress functions.php

The functions.php file in your WordPress theme is an underutilized resource for many WordPress powered sites.

Relying on WordPress plugins only to customize your site can result in an overabundance of WordPress plugins which slows down your site.

Whenever possible I add pieces of code to the active WordPress theme’s functions.php file instead, and a great resource for useful snippets of code that works in functions.php is on the continously updated “Best Collection of Code for your functions.php file“.

Best functions.php Code Collection

The WordPress Answers site hosted on Stackexchange is a brilliant resource to interact with other WordPress developers and exchange knowledge.

Here are just a few of the code snippets you can find there:

  • Remove Update Notification for all users except ADMIN User
  • Modify the Login Logo & Image URL Link
  • Loading jQuery from the Google CDN
  • Remove the WordPress Version Info for Security
  • Add Spam & Delete Links to Comments on Front End
  • Remove Default WordPress Meta Boxes
  • Set a maximum number of post revisions to avoid DB bloat
  • Function to change the length of Excerpt
  • Customize the Dashboard

The list goes on…

Direct link: Best Collection of Code for your functions.php file

My WordPress Answers Profile page.

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