WordPress Plugin Ideas for Bloggers

As a blogger, you have a voice like no other. You feel a strong desire to share your visions and ideas with the world. And thanks to WordPress, that’s easier than ever.

And whether you’re blogging professionally, or just as a hobby, blogging can be a little tricky. After all, there’s no guarantee that a post is going to hit its targeted audience.

But what if there was a way to make blogging easier? Sure, it sounds too good to be true, but all you have to do is install the right WordPress plugins.

If you’re not sure where to start or just want some tips on the latest WordPress plugin ideas, keep reading. We’re listing ten of the top WordPress plugin ideas that will make your next blog post a cinch.

1. SEO Booster

WordPress plugin ideasMega disclaimer – this is our own plugin we have worked on since 2008. Not to be compared with Yoast SEO or All In One SEO pack, this plugin does all the things they don’t do.

Get keyword information from over 400 search engines around the world, discover what people are searching for when they find your website and get insights into who links to you and where. Use the keyword data to automatically interlink your content across your website

At first, SEO Booster was a premium only plugin, a free version was released early 2017. Check out SEO Booster on wordpress.org

2. Strive Content Calendar

Publishing regularly is great for building an audience and boosting your traffic. However, WordPress makes this tough with the Posts menu. You can’t tell if you have your posts scheduled on the right days or if they are finished yet.

The Strive plugin adds an editorial calendar into the WordPress dashboard, so you can tell right away if you’re on track. Posts show up on their scheduled dates and are colored based on their status, making it easy to see if they’re ready to publish or not. Plus, posts will only get published if they’re marked as “Complete,” so you don’t have to worry about anything going live by mistake.

Strive also includes checklists that show up in the post editor and a revision feature for republishing old articles.
Strive Content Calendar for WordPress

3. Grammarly

Alright, so this one is technically cheating, as it isn’t a traditional WordPress plugin. But that doesn’t mean it won’t vastly improve your writing.

Instead, it’s an extension that tracks your typing across the web — including WordPress. When it detects a grammatical error or misspelling, a helpful red line pops up beneath the area that needs changing.

If you want to be taken seriously in the blogosphere, it’s important to write with precision and clarity. Would you trust a blogger whose posts are filled with misspellings? Likely not, and neither will your audience.

Grammarly is free to install, but make sure to activate it in your browser’s extensions.

4. Beacon

This is one of the WordPress plugin ideas that can actually help make you some money. If you’re running a site with dozens of posts, you may not know what to do with the older content.

Sure, they may not get the views they once did, but trashing them seems like such a waste.

But what if there was a way to monetize them? Thanks to Beacon, there is!

Bloggers looking to make a bit of extra cash know the importance of a landing page. But people won’t give their information away for free, you’ll have to offer them something.

Use Beacon to compile an eBook of previous blog posts, then give it away as a reward for signing up for your mailing list or service. You can even sell the eBook on the Amazon marketplace.

5. WP Broken Link Checker

Typically, a blog won’t only feature words. Instead, they’ll often feature photos, videos, and links.

You’d be surprised at how crucial that last element is. Linking may only take a few seconds of a writer’s time, but it boosts their credibility substantially.

Let’s say you’re writing about business trends. You want to illustrate to your audience that interest in a trend is increasing. Making a claim is pointless unless you back it up.

But when readers click on a link, they expect it to be live. Avoid disaster by installing WP Broken Link Status Checker. With this helpful plugin, bloggers can double-check that their source is still live.

We find it to be a helpful plugin for older articles.

6. ManageWP

So far we’ve only talked about managing a single blog. But what if you’re managing more than one blog at a time? Switch back and forth between WordPress sites isn’t the trickiest thing in the world, but man is it time-consuming.

Save yourself time and eye-strain by installing this helpful plugin. This is one of those WordPress plugin ideas that’s really going to make your daily life more comfortable.

This helpful plugin condenses multiple WordPress sites into one easy to use dashboard.

7. Jetpack

Perhaps no WordPress plugin ideas list is complete without a mention of Jetpack. This wildly successful plugin is a great resource for blogging beginners.

It offers a simplified analytics and even has a grammar and spelling feature.

8. WpDiscuz

Online comments sections can be problematic. And sometimes it’s necessary for a moderator to step in and remove a comment or ban a user.

But as a blogger, you may not have the time to go over every post with a fine-toothed comb.

Instead, install WpDiscuz. It’s simple to install and even easier to use. Get rid of spam and toxicity and make your blog a nicer place for all visitors.

9. ConvertKit

Earlier, we briefly touched on what makes landing page conversions so important. However, not everyone knows how to craft a great-looking landing page.

Those starting out would do well to check out ConvertKit. It’s a helpful plugin that lets users create simple yet effective landing pages.

It’s finally time to start that mailing list and make some money off of your blog!

10. WP-Smush.it

Visitors aren’t going to wait long for a site to load. In fact, after a few seconds, they’ll likely give up altogether.

Retain visitors by installing WP-Smush.it, which increases loading speed by condensing images. Your posts can still contain tons of great images and your site will load faster, to boot.

WP-Smush, EWW Image Optimizer, and Shortpixel are just some of the most popular and effective image compression tools around. All of them work great and can significantly reduce the loading time on your website.

Check out our Shortpixel plugin review.

Looking For More Great WordPress Plugin Ideas?

Blogging with WordPress is fun, but it’s also tricky. Hopefully, these ten WordPress plugin ideas will help you fine tune your site.


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