WP CareTaker Installation and usage

WP CareTaker Installation and usage



Download WP CareTaker from the Purchase History page.

Upload the plugin and activate on the plugin page.

The settings page can be found under Settings -> WP CareTaker.

Settings -> WP CareTaker

License Key

To get one-click updates enter the license key you have gotten in your confirmation email. You can also find the key on the Purchase History page when you are logged in.

Enter license key

Enter your license key and press “Activate”.


Configuration and usage

WP CareTaker removes redundant data and you can tweak which details to remove.


Post settings


You can remove posts that are currently in draft mode (be careful if you do this, you will loose unpublished posts and pages).

Post revisions are the copies that are automatically created by WordPress of posts and pages when you modify them. These copies can very quickly fill up in your database.

Orphaned post meta tags occur when you remove a post or page and sometimes there are data left behind related to that post which is no longer needed.


Comments settings

You can remove spam comments, unapproved comments (withheld for moderation) as well as pingbacks and trackbacks.


Tags settings

Automatic tagging plugins often result in tags that are no longer in use by any post or page.

Tags are a practical way of cross-linking posts and pages that have relevant information across categories and subjects. However, if a tag is only used to tag a single or perhaps two posts, the value is minor. By using WP CareTaker you can automatically remove these tags.


Database settings

You can run MySQL’s optimize table commands automatically.


RSS Cache

RSS Cache settings

Clean out the cached versions of your RSS feeds automatically.


CRON – Run automatically

CRON settings

WP CareTaker can run once a day to clean out your WordPress site based on the settings you configure.

Once you are satisfied with your settings, press “Save and run”.

When you click the button, all settings are saved, and also starts the cleaning process, based on your settings. On most WordPress sites the process will only take a few seconds.

Save and run

[box type=”warning”] You should back up your site before you run WP CareTaker for the first time. [/box]


You can see notes as well as a timestamp for what happens on your site. (Note: only the last 150 log entries are stored).