Yoast WordPress SEO vs. All In One SEO

The quest for making SEO easier and more accessible for millions of people never seem to stop. Two businesses compete in the WordPress SEO niche – Search Engine Optimization made easy by plugins.

SEO itself is a moving target and companies that build SEO plugins are constantly having to change their software to fit what Google is doing at the moment.

Two SEO plugins dominate the market today.

Today we look at a match with Yoast vs All in One SEO Pack. Each with their devout user base. This is like Microsoft and Apple. Samsung and well…Apple. PS4 vs. XBox. You get the picture.

WordPress SEO plugin Yoast vs All In One

We are going to do a quick analysis and see who wins the SEO plugin fight. Keep in mind, both of these plugins are really powerful and helpful. Not only can they help you get much further, but if you configure either plugin wrong it can also ruin your SEO work.

There is no WordPress SEO plugin that is simply better than the other, it is which suits you best.

Yoast Vs All In One SEO Pack Who’s Who

In 2007, All in One SEO was born. It created by Steve Mortiboy and Michael Torbert. It is one of the most popular WordPress Plugins of all time.

In 2010, Joost De Valk created Yoast as a rival to All in One SEO.

Now, almost ten years later, they are both some of the most used and well-respected SEO plug-ins out there. So, how do they match up in usability? Let’s take a look.

Installation And Setup

Yoast gives you a ton of configuration options from the get-go. Also, they make it easy by giving you a quick tour when you load it up.

You can quickly change your settings in Yoast through a series of options pages. So you can always rely on the on-screen help options to get you through the setup process.

In essence, Yoast is perfect for beginners. You cannot really go wrong if you have never set up an SEO plugin before.

Now, All in One SEO Pack can be a bit overwhelming at first, but it is almost as easy as Yoast.

If you have a brain that picks items out of a large list without demarcation, you will do better with All in One SEO Pack. Some do have a hard time seeing the options they need on this page.

However, the setup page here is still very organized. There is also a help icon next to each option to guide your way.

So, just like Yoast, if you are a beginner, just rely on the help buttons. You cannot go wrong with that.

Daily Tasks

Yoast is powerful in analyzing content with its built-in tool. It is optimizing every single post on your page and website. Below this Yoast is offering you a metabox with a Google snippet preview, focus keyword field and content analysis.

The Snippet preview is a powerful tool that makes writing optimal search engine titles super easy.

Google snippet preview - with editor interface and recommendation bar

The social media preview and meta editing features are super great, making it easy to preview and tweak settings.

Social preview tab with editing of image, title and description

You want to keep the bars green in to keep the recommended length and the bar changes as you type along.

The other contender is All in One SEO Pack. It also has a metabox for tweaking settings on each page. However, it is not analyzing your content for you and offering interlinking posts suggestions like WordPress SEO does.

Although the AIOP is a powerful SEO plugin, my personal favorite is the WordPress SEO plugin and use it almost exclusively for every website project.

Funny – Ten years ago I was recommending something else – Platinum SEO Pack and All in One SEO Pack 🙂

I wrote about the experience of revisiting old posts years later.